Break up ; Make up

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Hey guys hope you enjoy this story!

Y/N's P.OV.

" Hi Harry. Where are you going you just got home? " I said walking over to him with a pouted face and pecking him on the lips.

" With the lads, I'll be back later. Don't wait up! " He said running out of the house.

Don't wait up?!

I've been in a relationship with him for 2 years and he's never acted this way, ever.

But it's not the first time sadly.

This has been going on for the past 3 weeks.

I called Niall since I was closest to him.

" Hi Y/N. " He said over the phone.

" Hey, are you going to a party tonight? " I said.

" No. Me and the lads are all hanging at my house. Well, everyone except for Harry he declined my invite. " He said huffing.

" Interesting because he just said he was going to a party with you guys. " I said.

" Yeahhh , he's been going to party's and telling us about it. " He said.

" Thanks that's all I needed to know. I love you Nialler! " I said.

" Love you too. " He said chuckling.

" Muah bye. " I said hanging up.

I'll just wait until he comes back and confront him about it.

Hopefully it'll be that easy.

Who knows

* 6 hours later *

I heard the front door open and slam.

I walked down the stairs to see a drunk Harry stumbling trying to find a seat.

" And where have you been? " I asked without a trace of anger.

" At a party with the boys I already told you this Y/N gosh. " He said looking at me.

" Well I called Niall and he said all the boys were at his house today except for you and he told me you've been going to parties lately. Am I wrong? " I said crossing my arms.

" No you're not. " He said shrugging his shoulders.

" Is that so? " I said walking towards him looking him in the eyes.

They weren't his natural green eyes they were dark.

" Yep. " He said.

" Well maybe I should just permanently go away. Right? " I said smiling.

" Stop being so complicated Y/N, you're giving me a headache." He said his words slurring.

" I'm giving you a headache? You're the one giving me headache? You're coming home every night, smelling like alcohol, and always mad at me when I have done nothing to you Harry, Nothing! " I said yelling.

" Maybe if you weren't so annoying then I wouldn't be mad! " He said yelling at me.

" You know what, I'm leaving. Goodbye Harry. " I said walking up the stairs to pack my suitcase.

As I shut the door I heard it bust back open.

" No don't leave me Y/N please! " He said crying.

" Harry I'm annoying , I give you a headache why don't I just leave! You probably want me to do that too! " I said looking down.

He walked over to me lifting my chin, his eyes red.

" Please. " He whispered looking for hope in my eyes.

" I'm sorry, I can't. " I said walking to pack my suitcase.

" Y/N I didn't mean any of it I swear! " He said sobbing.

" I'm not sure about that statement. " I said.

" Please! " He said begging.

" I just can't deal with this anymore Harry. " I said finishing packing my suitcase.

" Please just give me another chance, I'll stop with the alcohol if you just stay, please. " He said.

" I'm sorry. " I said tearing up as I zipped my suitcase and started walking downstairs.

" Y/N PLEASE! " He said grabbing my wrist as we were in front of the door.

I shut my eyes then turned around slowly to look at him.

He looked so heartbroken.

" Trust me it's killing me to do this too. " I said looking him in the eyes my voice shaking.

" Please. " He said his voice cracking.

" Goodbye Harry. " I said crying and walking out of the door.

I pulled out my phone and texted Niall to come and pick me up.

I sat on the front step until I saw Niall's car pull up.

I didn't care that Harry was standing behind me.

I saw Niall's car pull up as a wave of relief came.

I looked through the window to see him sitting in there with the rest of the boys.

I opened the door and got into the car.

Niall just gave me a sympathetic smile.

I just sobbed into his chest.

" C'mon let's go back to my house. " He said going out of the driveway.

As we were driving past now Harry and I's flat I saw a broken hearted Harry standing there.

I quickly looked away as I started crying again.

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