chapter 16

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MUST READ: okay, before I get started I just wanted to let u all know there's a 50/50 chance I'll write a little in Love Like Crazy tomorrow. it depends if bae and I see each other or nah. but we he ain't hit me up since 12:50 today -.- it's cool doe lol. I almost got some to write in it today, but I got sick. and I ended up canceling on him. (bad girlfriend or nah? sorry y'all) anyways. here's this: enjoy bitches.

(joes pov)

I sat there. waiting and waiting. she was supposed to be here by now. it was 11:56 and lunch ended in 4 minutes. I wasn't sure if she was coming and I was gonna be pissed if I lost her for good.

I decided to just give up. I got up and just as I walked out I felt someone jump on me. it was Demi. she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me. I quickly held her thighs so she wouldn't fall. she pulled away, "I love u." she said. and went back to kissing me.

i got into my truck after kissing Demi goodbye for about 10 minutes after school. I didn't want to let her go, but I knew she had to get to work. and so did i. thank god they were right across the street from each other or I might've died.


ik it's short. but I've got writers block. and a lot on my mind. .-. sorry guys.

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