"Yeah, thanks, I swear I packed it"

"Weird" I said handing him his tshirt which hung on a hanger

I picked out my grey figure hugging skirt, a black tshirt and baggy black hoodie, it was kind of cold outside now but I didn't want to seem completely like a hobo and decided a skirt would make me more presentable. 

"If you wanna dry and straighten your hair, just go to my moms room" I said slipping on my skirt under the oversized tshirt I already had on, Taylors natural hair was really curly like an afro, he always hated it. Mine however was naturally straight but I still used straightners on it. 

"a'ight" Taylor said adjusting his black jeans 

Once he left the room, I changed from my oversized tshirt, putting on a bra and the rest of the clothes I had picked out. I rolled up my tshirt which had a small white logo and tied it with a hairband at the back, I rolled my sleeves to. Showing only minimal flesh on my tanned tummy and my rather short tanned legs. I admired my outfit in the mirror before applying my makeup, My usual routine of face products, eyeliner, mascara etc, the usual. By the time I had done Taylor walked back into my room and threw himself onto my bed.

"What time do we have to be at Cams? I don't even remember making plans" I tell him

"haaaaalf...one? I think, I'm not even sure, I don't think it really matters cause we're just gonna chill and stuff, all of us" he said scrolling through his phone

"what time is it now?" I asked him

"12:15 we have ages" he said. I got up and walked over to my bed 

"We should get breakfast...or lunch" I say falling onto my bed next to him, I rested my head on his shoulder so I was close to his face to be annoying

"where do you wanna eat" he asked, he wasn't being all quirky this morning which was different for him

"hmm...in n out?!" I asked excitedly

"Sounds good bub" he said in a strong southern accent

"are u okay" I struggled to get my words out as my chin dug into his shoulder

"I'm fine why" he said putting his phone down on his stomach and turning his head to me, our faces only inches apart

"just you seem...unhappy or something"

"Just a little tired" he said and pulled his face closer to mine "how could I be unhappy when I have a beautiful girlfriend like you" he said and kissed me lightly 

"oh staaawp it you" I said in a joke southern accent and nudged him on the arm

"now lets go to the best in n out indiana has to offer" he said jumping up

"or just the closest...the closest will do...I'm starving" I say picking up my black hoodie and following him down the stairs. I put on some black ankle socks and my black coverse at the door and taylor puts on his black vans

"We wear too much black, this isn't healthy" I tell him

"but I look good in it so it's okay" he said jokingly as he walked out the door.

I spotted the rain and put on my hoodie without zipping it up, using the hood to protect me from the rain. We both ran to Taylors black range rover and got in as fast as we could, it was only spitting but nobody likes getting wet.

"Hey look there's my tshirt" Taylor exclaimed as he looked at the back seat "and look my orange bandana, this is perfect" his face lit up as he placed the bandana on his head, it matched perfectally with the orange on his tshirt. 

"Why the heck is your tshirt in your car?" I asked him confused

"I have no idea" he said turning his head to me and shrugging "'a'ight in n out drive thru here we cooooome" he said reversing out of my drive way.

"Your order will be with you shortly sir"


As we drove through to the next window my tummy rumbled with hunger, love robbery by kalin and myles was playing, my favourite song at the moment. Taylor rested one of his hands on my thighs as he drove which sent shivers through me. I looked down at the viens in his hands as they popped out, nothing could be more attractive than a boys viens to me. 

We ate as we drove to Cams, leaving in 'n' out drive through at around 12:45 meaning we were probably going to be early. Getting to Cam's house only took about 20minutes and the drive went quick. We spent the journey eating and me singing my heart out to all the songs which played on the radio. I touched up my make-up slightly before we got out of the car, using my phone as a mirror. The rain had stopped now and the sun had begun slowly seeping through the clouds. 

"Take a pic with me" I told Taylor

"VEEEEEIN" he jokingly shouted and got in the picture with me. I liked having pictures of us as memories and plus it never caused any harm to have a nice lock screen. I carried my drink from in 'n' out in the same hand as my phone and Taylor held my only free hand. As we walked up to Cams house I admired his fairly big house. I had been here before but I always admired how big it was, it was quite a bit bigger than mine but it still was gigantic. When Taylor rung the black bell I heard it echo throughout the house. 

"Aye, you're late as hell" Cam said opening his arms and hugging us both 

"What, it's like 1:10" Taylor said confused

"Yeah I said 12:30 you idiot" Cam said laughing as he walked us into his home. He lead us downstairs to the basement which was big for a basement, bigger than my bedroom which I found massive. Lily was sat closely to Jack which worried me, Elena sat on a beanbag and JJ stood by the stereo changing the music. Cam went and sat on the sofa next to Lily as we walked in.

"wassup bro" Jack said walking over to Taylor

"you better be putting something good on I said to JJ as I watched him flick through the iPod's selection.

"I thought we were musical soulemates, don't you trust me?!" JJ said looking at me jokingly furrowing his eyebrows

"we are...but I have better music taste still" I say taking this iPod from him, I scrolled through and put on Drake 'Poundcake' 

"Maaainstream" JJ said walking away

"Whatever, indie boy!" I said sarcastically and joing Elena sitting on a bean bag next to hers.

"now I need to clear something up" I said facing her

"what??" she asked worried

"do I call you Elena or Saskia now" she laughed at my words

"Elena, I haven't chosen a wild name I want yet, Saskia is just an idea seeing as it's my middle name"

"Well thats boring choosing your middle name, you may aswell just swap it to Saskia Elena Bowe if your going to just use your middle name" I said teasing her

"whatever!" she said pulling a sassy face

I pulled a face to Elena looking in the direction of Lily who was trying to get close to Jack, she pulled one back secretly agreeing with me it was an awkward situation. 

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