Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

I woke up with my white bed sheets creating a wall between me and Taylor, neither of us near one another as the heat had swarmed us throughout the night. I rub my eyes vigorously trying to make my vision clear. I squinted my eyes attempting to look out of the window, pushing myself up leaning on my forearms. The sky was grey and dark, rain fell continuously hitting my window. I let my body fall back onto my pillow as I sighed, I always hated it being hot when it was raining, what is the point in heat and rain?! I reached over to my phone which had been left on my night stand since yesterday afternoon. 

Warning 10% battery remaining

I sighed at my low battery and scrolled through the endless number of texts left from Elena and Lily in the little group chat we had, just us girls. They were all about such random things like how Lily thinks she could look cute with bangs but when she looks at pictures of her as a child with them she could never go back and how Elena hates her name and wants to change it to something adventerous like Saskia. I reply to their endless number of messages in one text

"Why am I friends with you guys?!" 

I laugh at my own message, finding myself hilarious and push myself out of bed to go put my phone on charge. My charger was an inconvinience to my life as it sat at the other side of my room near my TV. As I plugged it in, it lit up showing me the time, 10:08am.

I decided to shower even though I had no plans for today apart from being with Taylor. 

Once I got out of the shower, I wrapped a white towel round my body and used another to rub through my hair attempting to dry it. I rubbed the steam off my mirror and watched myself as I lightly brushed through it with my paddle brush. Once I had had dried off and cleaned my teeth I walked out to my room in my towel with my damp hair sticking down my back. I glance at Taylor and see him spread out along my bed, laying on his side, his back to me. I walk to my draws and pull out a pair of nickers and an old, oversized tshirt. 

"Goooooodmorning" I hear from behind me from my bed making me jump. I hold my hand on my chest and turn to him, holding my clothes in one hand. 

"Goddd, you scared me" I said taking a breath "didn't realise you were awake" I say walking to leave my room 

"what time is it?" Taylor asked sitting up 

"like 11 or something" I say about to leave my room

"where're you going?" 

"To change" I tell him

"why can't you change in here" he said with a smirk

"because I'm a lady so I must behave like one"

"can I shower?" Taylor asked me innocently 

"Yeah there should be a towel in there" I say walking out of my room and into my parents room to change and use my moms hairdryer. Once I had dried my hair I went back to my room to find some clothes to wear 

"Are we doing anything today?" I asked Taylor who stood looking in his black duffle back in nothing but black jeans, my weakness,his wet hair dripping down his neck.

"going to Cams, remember?" he said continuing to look through his bag 

"Oh yeah, right" I say vaguely remember the plans we had made "What are you looking for?" I asked him looking confused at him

"I thought I packed a black tshirt, you haven't seen it anywhere have you?" he lifted his head to look at me as he asked

"Nope" I say shaking my head "I think I have that black one of yours that you left here ages ago, it says "high" on it in orange, will that do?" I ask him walking to my wadrobe to get it out

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