Chapter 3

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It’s hard in the first time

But easy in the second

Bad things will be gone

Good things might be come?

Chapter 3

A Weird Girl?

Ari’s POV

   It’s have always go like that, once I get along with them, I found that they lied to me and all that, it’s just so annoying…

  As I was, ran straight to my house and slam into my room’s door. Yomi-nee walked up: “You okay Ari? You are acting strange today, tell me what’s wrong”, I stayed quiet for a while and then turn back to face her: “What do you do when you found out your friend is kinda like… I don’t know… lying to you?”, She replied: “I found a new friend~”, “what?”- I reacted all of a sudden with one word. She laughed a bit: “just kidding, just kidding, but I really find a new friend to calm myself down and if that friend that lied to me come to say sorry, then the friends and me will be together again~” She said it with a kind smile on her face, I look at her: “Did it ever happened to you?”, she paused a bit then look at me and smile, she pat my head and say: “In life there will be something that will hurt you, what you gotta do is try to get through it” She smiled once again. I stayed there for a moment and nodded: “Okay, I get it, you can go do whatever you were doing down there”. She smile and nodded then she walk downstairs while I get on to my bed.

  The other day was different, o woke up in a silent house with only me in the room, I got changed and go down stair to eat, Akuma come across me and ask: “Where is the other cat you usually hang out with?”, I stayed quiet though I feel a little sad, Akuma sighed: “I get it”- she pat my head “Go down there and eat and try to light up your face, Yomi-nee might caught yo be sad, and it’s gonna be annoying to make she clam again”. I nodded, Yomi-nee is quite emotional sometimes since she care so much for others, whenever her family members (me an Akuma) look a bit sad, she got sad double than us . After done breakfast, get my lunch, I dash to school. Everyone ignore me as usual. As I was walking, I caught Momo in my sight, I think she saw me too so I turn into another direction. I sighed to myself. What am I even doing running away from a cat? She sits next to me so we have to face each other sooner or later.. it’s no point to run, why am I even doing it?... I thought to myself. And while I was thinking, I accidently bump into a girl and somehow she was walking backwards. She turned at me, she have brown hair and one eye. She pouted: “Watch where ya going!”, i replied with a slight smirk: “You were the one that was moon-walking!”, She yelled (while pouting): “You were the one who day dreamed!”, I got pissed: “You were the one who ran into me in the first place!” , She started to scratch her head: “Oh yea… Oops”, i pissed: “ ‘Oops’? What do you mean ‘Oops’? I am so gonna beat you up!” , “EEP!”. Then we started chasing each other, when I arrived at my class while chasing her, I just sighed and get into class. Momo was already there, I sat down on my chair and turned away from her. Momo poked me a little: “Neh, is there something you aren’t please about my family that make you sad?” I didn’t replied with anything. She poke me again: “Oi, talk to me”., I just still be quiet. The atmosphere is almost stressing until the teacher came in :” Okay class, today we have a new classmate”, he said while trying to breath in some air, it look like he have been chasing som fast kid. Then a girl step in: “My name is Sorami~ Nice t meet…Eh?” she saw me, I look at her for a little. She pointed at me: “You were the one that was day dreamed in the hall while walking!”. I stand up and yelled angrily: “You were the one that were moon-walking in the hall way and bump into me, we have been over this!”. She giggle: “It’s so cool so see you again~!”. The teacher and the whole class paused a bit then the teacher ask her: “Which sit do you want to sit?”. She look around the class then point at the sit on my right (Momo is next to Ari in the left side) and say: “I wanna sit there! Next to that red bunny white hair weird looking face girl!”. I pissed: “You repeat that one more time and I will beat you up!” .She giggle, the whole class laughed, the teacher told her to get to her seat. Sorami run to her seat and smile at me, I notice Momo pouted a bit while I was talking (shouting) to Sorami, I wonder why. When Sorami smiled at me, I just look back to the board, Sorami stop smiling and look at Momo: “Hi”, Momo just look away also. “Geez, what is wrong with these persons?” she smiles but sighed a bit while saying that.

  At break time, I just ran outside so I won’t fact Momo and her though I fail at running away from the new girl. Right after I thought I escaped, she apper right behind me “Heya~ why are ya unning?” –she asked. I sighed and shook my head then sit down and take out my lunch. She look at my lunch and said: “Uh~ Hand-made stuff~ it have been forever since I hav one of those hand made food”. I look at her and give her my lunch. “Eh?”-she said in confusion. I replied: “Trade lunch, Yomi-nee’s cooking is not bad, you’ll like it, and I’ll have what you have”. She look surprised then her eyes look kinda wet, then she give me her lunch box: “It’s not bad food, I hope you like it”. I nodded. Suddenly, Momo jump in the middle all of the sudden. “Oh hey, you are the cat girl next to her right?”- Sorami asked. Momo pouted and look at me. ‘Why are you ignoring me all of a sudden and play with her?! It’s not fair!”She said with water one her eyes. I was about to stand up and walk away but Sorami pulled me back down. I stayed quiet, Momo continue: “If there is something I did wrong then I am sorry, I am sorry that I didn’t tell you who I really am in the first place, I am sorry if my family did something you aren’t please about, I am really sorry! Don’t hate me!” .Sorami look at me and say: “You wouldn’t be rejecting this kind of apology from such a poor girl, I mean rich and broken girl aren’t you?” . I sighed and replied: “fine, apology accepted”. “YAY~” Momo jump on me, “So does that mean I can go to your house after this?”. “Yes, but I ain’t going to yours again, it almost got me lost in thee” – I replied. They laughed. Sorami asked: “neh, do you think I can be your friends?”. I said yes, Momo said no. Sorami said: “2 votes for yes and one no so yes wins, yay~” . Momo pouted, I said: “Momo, if you want to continue be friends then get along with her”. “Fine”-she replied.

   It wasn’t bad after all, at least she said sorry, but now I have 2 annoying girls to look after or play or what so ever, I just hope they won’t make my head explosed

Broken at first

Healing at last

Making new friends

Always the best

To be continue…

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