Up All Night

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"Woo-hoo Daddy, Uncle Dave and Grandpa are gone and not back until tomorrow!" Cady said excited as Leo smiled.

He knew that their aunt Pandora who was a Guardian Minion always visited when these things happened but she was a Guardian Minion and protected others from Pitch but used her powers for mischief and both pups had snuck candy, bananas and soda when Lucy or Margo hadn't seen them.

"You're excited for Pan to visit huh?" Leo said.

"Eeyup she let's us have fun!" the female Purple Minion pup said.

They then saw the bedroom window open seeing a Purple Minion female in a purple hooded top with black sleeves holding a sceptre as both pups hugged her.

"Hey guys ready for fun?" Pandora asked.

"Yes." both pups said as she chuckled.

She was turning the lab into a winter wonderland which she did a lot but thawed it before leaving the next day but both Cady and Leo were having a blast but Cady saw Edith up as the twelve year old's eyes widened in awe.

"Awesome!" she said as Pandora smiled.

She knew Edith could see her so were having a blast playing war and ninja clash but around sun rise, Pandora knew both the pups and Edith needed to sleep.

"Aww Aunt Pan!" Cady said.

"I have to or your father would be mad." she said.

Dream sand then emitted from her purple furred fingers hitting them as both pups were getting sleepy taking them to their room tucking them in.

She saw Edith go to her room but would be tired the whole day.

"We're home!" she heard Gru say.

She was in the closet seeing Kevin enter his pups's room but was hearing them sleep which was cute but kissed their heads..

He had a feeling that Pandora had visited and they'd been up playing all night sighing.

"I'll save you guys pancakes." he whispered.

He left them to sleep but was getting coffee.


"Mmmm pancakes with chocolate and whipped cream!" Cady said.

She had woken up around noon since she wasn't in school but Leo was and taking his nap as Kevin saw her drink chocolate milk which helped her wake up but were going to the park later since they needed to bond but were goofing around as Dave chuckled.

He knew Cady would be a mischief maker but saw Gru going to get Edith as her teacher had called about her sleeping in class but was concerned for her.

Kevin then had a feeling Edith had joined in with Cady so hoped she was okay but was getting ready as he wore his hula skirt which was fine since Phil wore his maid dress all the time.

Cady was wearing her ninja outfit but looking forward to having fun seeing Gru home with a sleeping Edith on his back which Kevin thought was cute as he and Cady were leaving.

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