Chapter one : Waking up

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Nothing...then all of the sudden I heard something. It felt like something is vibrating and ringing at the same time. It was hurting my head. Next thing you know it, at the same time my head feel like someone kept hitting it with hummer and don't let me start on my neck,what is wrong with my neck !? It was painful, sticky and and it kept throbbing, when I touch it. My mouth and throat were dry like Sahara. Fuzzily, I opened my eyes, and looked around. Where the hell am I?

Again that annoying sound, What is it? I looked around, it was still dark outside, I could see that trough the big window on my right side. Then my gaze found the only light in the room my phone.

The annoying sound was coming from my phone. Then I remembered, alarm. I set up an alarm yesterday. Little by little my memory was coming back.

Its time to go. My next thought that fallowed the first one was :God, can it be more hot and who is he?

If you didn't conclude I'm not in my bed, house or at my friends house. No, I'm with some guy, in a bed, who is squeezing living life out of me. Very slowly I tried to move his arm, but he kept using my body like I'm some freaking pillow. Yea, yea keep going buddy and I'm never going to breath again. After some, very long minutes I got out from bed. And that was accomplished , only after I inserted a pillow between him and me. What ever his name is. Even in dark he seamed hot,God, I should stop this kind of thoughts. Bad, bad Tate.

Dear God knows that I really have to stop drinking so hard. I think Jason was right when he said that we should skip this weekend. No alcohol for us. But no, I had to go and get drunk. And here I am, sneaking out of the room of some stranger at, let me see on my phone; 4:30 in the morning, with a headache and still in my underwear. Only God knows how they are still on me. Because, lets be real if you weak up in some room you don't recognize and you are in bed with a men you don't now, you know what probably happened. But lets get on track, first thing first I'm going to find my clothes or what is left of them and get out of here.

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