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Leader: Duststar- Dark brown and gray tom with brown eyes

Deputy: Lionstorm- Golden tom

Medicine cat: Rockfur- Dark gray tom with blue eyes


Wolfear- Brown tom with a torn ear

Pebblefoot- Small she-cat with green eyes (Apprentince Firepaw)

Blazetail- Golden she-cat (Apprentince Rabbitpaw)

Mothpool- Orange she-cat with a splash of brown

Breezefire- White tom with a small tail (Apprentince Falconpaw)

Ashfang- Black tom with redish eyes


Firepaw- Orange and redish tom with yellow eyes

Rabbitpaw- White she-cat with brown eyes

Falconpaw- Black and gray tom with sharp claws


Birdheart- Small she-cat (mother to Foxkit (tom) ) 


Ivypelt- Tortiseshell she-cat with one brown eye and one blue eye

Jaysong- Light gray tom with one blind eye

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