❀ i've heard about death ✿

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*please, don't read if you can't handle much, very triggering


i want to die already.

i want to get into heaven,

but i heard it doesn't work like that.

i heard that it should only be natural,

so i guess i want nature to

hurry and run the damn course

because all i ever do is sin

and worsen other problems.

i add more to any issue,

and i'm a disgrace myself...

i heard that children,

my age, in particular

are already forgiven for any sin.

thank you,

but i want to be gone before

i pass the damn age limit

whatever the fuck it is

because my dreams are fading away

and i'm slowly giving up,

giving in to the darkness.

i don't believe i can make it anymore.

i heard girls don't get many fangirls.

it'd be wrong and sinful anyway

i heard heaven was better than anything.

i know it is,

and i believe i'll be better off.


*free verse

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