Ray's Little Art Girl Part 6

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I woke up the next morning around noon. we were having our Christmas party at the Alamo because we all needed to go somewhere to drink I guess. We had the week off, I kept telling that to myself even if it was Sunday.

"Fuck!" I heard from the other room. I got up and walked into the living room where Ray was leaning on his elbows, which were on his knees.

"Whatcha' playin'?" I asked. Ray dropped his controller without even pausing the game and wrapped his arms around me. He almost squished me with how tight he was holding me. I hugged him back. even if I didn't know what this was about, I enjoyed it. He let go.

"Where were you?" I then knew what this was about.

"Oh, Joe needed to be picked up from the airport. so I went to go get him." His face somewhat dropped and he went back to his game.

"I was really worried," he continued, "I got up in the middle of the night and your bedroom door was open and you were gone. I thought something happened to you." I just stared at him for a minute.

'he worried about me. Well of course he would, he is your friend.' the more I said that word to myself, the more it hurt.

"Well no need to worry, I'm right here, safe and sound." he nodded and went back to his game. I wanted to talk to him more, but he didn't seem interested.

"Do you want to see my secret project?" I asked. where did that come from? I wanted to keep it a secret, why did I want to tell him. He paused the game.

"Yea." he answered. I lit up. No one really appreciated my art outside of work, so I was excited when he was actually interested. I walked him into my art room. His jaw dropped and he looked around. all of the paintings had some color on them by now, but they had no density to them yet.

"This is what you have been working on?" He asked never taking his eyes off of the paintings.

"Yea, and I love it." He turned to me and smiled. He hugged me again and again I enjoyed every moment of it.

"I'll let you do more of it, but you have to get ready for the party tonight soon. Remember?"

"Yea." I answered and he left.


I pulled on a polka dot black and white dress and tried not to mess up my hair. I walked out to the kitchen and Ray had on a polo and some kaki pants. He reached out his arm and I took it as we walked to my car.

When we got to the Alamo, we were greeted by coworkers and friends. when I walked in, I saw Joe sitting on a couch with his arm over a girl's shoulders. I turned to see Ray.

"Behind me." I said to Ray. He looked past me and then back to me.

"Is that your ex?" he asked.

"No it's my stalker, yes it's my ex. well I mean those two things are kinda similar." I turned away to walk forward and I felt a hand on my waist pull me backwards. It was Ray.

"I got you. You can play that game too." he whispered into my ear. The entire night, his hand never left my side. If anyone asked about it, we would tell them. Ray went to the bathroom and Barbara came over to talk to me.

"What is going on?" she asked. I explained to her what was happening. "No I mean, is Ray staying at your place? Did I hear that right?"

"Yea, Tina and him had a fight so she kicked him out, so he came to stay with me."

"You do know that they broke up right?" I froze.

"What?" I asked. leaning in because I thought that I heard her wrong.

"Yea they broke up about a week ago. I think Ray broke it off." I looked up to see Ray walking back toward me.

" I'll talk to you later Babs." I said as I walked toward Ray.

"Talking to Barbara I see, what about?"

"Nothing much, just community stuff." I lied.

"Oh alright!" he said and his hand was on my waist again. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Joe swaying behind me.

"We need to talk." he slurred. I excused myself and Joe grabbed my wrist and led me out of the bar to the back. "who is that guy?"

"Oh Ray, no one. Unless he makes you jealous, then he is someone." he put his hand on the wall to keep his balance.

"I don't want you to be around him."

"You don't control me anymore Joe. When you broke up with me, you relinquished that right." I was talking a bit louder now.

"He's not your type." he almost yelled.

"I get to decide what my type is, not you. God why was I so stupid to love you. you are the dumbest person in the world. You boss everyone around, and you are a hypocritical misoginistic asshole!" I was yelling now. there was a silence.

Then he threw a punch at my face. I fell to the ground. My face made impact with the ground in the same place that he punched. I wobbled to my elbows and I faced him.

"I repeat, you are an ASSHOLE!!" He walked over and kicked me in the stomach before running away. He knocked me back down onto my stomach and he had knocked the wind out of me. I gave up and just lied there.

Someone ran to my side and lifted me up into their lap. I couldn't see them because my eye was swollen and I didn't want to open the other one.

"Someone help!" they yelled. I closed my swollen eye and gave up again. All of my strength was gone.

(Was this a better chapter? I know it was kinda long but I really like it!)

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