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Pen Your Pride

Titania sat in the throne room with her daughters. Everybody was chattering excitedly about the prophecy finally being fulfilled.

"How do we know when they will find their way back?" Cordelia asked.

"We may never know, but it must be soon." Her voice was smooth and melodious as she talked. She felt hope for the fate of the kingdom. The Chosen Ones were soon to return.


 The Dark King sat on his throne and molded the aura of dark magic that was floating in front of him. He needed the perfect spell to be able to cover the entire dimension in his new curse, soon everything will be darkness. He believed he would rule over all. Suddenly he felt everything shake. An earthquake? It wasn't possible, there were no earthquakes in the immortal dimension. After a few seconds he realized what was going on. That was a surge of magic reawakening. No... He stood up and headed towards the tower where his looking glass was. He hastily pointed an outstretched hand towards the glass and muttered a spell in another language under his breath. He stood back and watched the surface come to life. The image was blurry but when it focused he cursed under his breath.

"They're holding hands. I want them dead." He watched the boy talk with her, the girl's image was out of the frame. But they were holding hands. The boy was smiling like a fool. He felt anger rise up inside of him, the curse didn't work this time.

"Just you wait, little prince." He evilly snickered before the image died out and he headed down and out to the training grounds.

"You won't be smiling like that for very long..."

 He needed to prepare his soldiers for war. 


Erin got home and couldn't stop smiling. Even when she got in trouble for coming home an hour later than she promised. She felt different, something about her was different. She felt light and airy. Like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and a dark cloud above her head had moved on. She grabbed the book and dreamily flopped down on her bed and opened up to the next bookmarked page. Another chapter had appeared.

The Curse and the Prophecy

She was so distracted that she had just lightly skimmed through it. Although if she had her head on straight and was focused at the time she probably would have had everyone on a four way call at that point sharing the news. She bookmarked the new chapter and set it on the nightstand before changing into her pajamas, there was more time for reading tomorrow. After all, she had gotten grounded for the weekend. But like everything else, nothing really mattered at that point. She grabbed an empty notebook off the shelf and wrote a title on the first page.

The Adventures of Erin and Justin

My boyfriend... She internally sighed in content. Justin my boyfriend... She closed the notebook and set it on the end table too. Along with the purple pen. She crawled into bed and fell into a blissful sleep. With no cares or worries.


"Care to explain why I come home to a house with no power?" Pattie asked Justin as she walked in the house. Justin was sitting in the living room smiling like an idiot. Pattie waved her hand in front of her son's face.

"Anybody in there? I asked you a question..."

"W-what? Oh, I don't know... there was a weird storm earlier..." Justin looked up at his mom. She had a knowing look on her face.

"Oh, and would you also care to explain why you are smiling like the joker?" She crossed her arms over her chest with an accusing look being thrown in Justin's direction. He bit down on his bottom lip and flipped his hair.

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