7. Legend Has It

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HERE IS THE THING WITH JORDAN. He's loved by all and that's what everyone hates about him. Including me.

He's just one of those guys who you can't not get on with. I've never seen him in a fight nor do I think it possible to go through with a fight with him!

There's no doubt about his attractiveness. He's enough to make any lesbian go straight or any straight man to go gay. He's really quite something.

There are stories about him. Some say that he has a habit of taking temper tantrums if he gets upset enough. Or, that he can actually be a pain if he's not getting his own way.

He's too popular for my liking. I've always wanted him to be mine and only mine. But he's built up too much of a fan base.

I never ever thought I would speak to him never mind spend a whole day with him.

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