Liam Imagine (Lizzie)

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I came home from work hearing my daughter laughing I smiled knowing Liam was home. I walked up the stairs and into Taylor's room and saw Liam throwing her in the air and catching her "Daddy dont drop me!" She was laughing and I stood in the doorway smiling and Taylor looked at my eyes with a smile "Mommy!" Liam put her down and she ran to me hugging my legs and Liam came up to me and kissed me, "How was work babe?" I sighed a little and Taylor let go of me and ran to go play with her dolls "Very tiring is all I can say" He hugged me and rubbed my back a little "Bad day?" I nodded, "I'm just so exhuasted I'm going to take a nap." He kissed my head, "How about I call Niall to watch Taylor and me and you can have a relaxing day?" I nodded "That'd be great thanks Liam" "Anything for you Lizzie" He walked out of the room with his phone and I grabbed some clothes for Taylor to change into and Liam walked back in "Niall can't but Perrie will" I just nodded and finally put on Taylor's shoes and Perrie came and picked her up finally and me and Liam finally had the house to ourselves, "You go get dressed into something fancy while I set up everything." He smiled and I return it and walk up the stairs and into our bed room. I got on a simple dress and quickly curled my hair and put on some light make up. I heard a knock at my bedroom door and opened it to Liam with a suit, he grabbed my hand and led me down to the living room making me gasp. It had a bunch of lights hanging, it was door dark but there was candles. "Liam-" "May I have this dance?" He grabbed my hand and soft music started playing I looked up and saw Niall sitting on a chair playing his guitar, I teared up a little "I just wanted to show you that I apprecaite everything you do for this family, you even gave me a beautiful daughter, and I have a beautiful wife. I love you Lizzie with everything I have" Before I could say anything he put his lips on mine when we pulled away I put my forehead on his and said, "Liam, I love you too."


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