School was over and I said my good byes to Celine and head straight home for I had no reason to stray away like I use to.I was tired and frustrated about me and Jacod breaking up.All i have to remember us is the memories of how we once were.Even thou i knew this was gonna happen one day I never prepared myself for it.That Lilac girl is still dating him and she is prettier than me so that will make him more likly forget about ever being with me.When I got home my mom greeted me at the door."How was school sweet heart?"she asked,putting on a smile I replied"same as usual I met the new girl today".She smile then said"thats great cause I went down to the new family's house and invited them over",words could not express my emotions.

I quickly ran upstairs without repling to my moms statement,maybe she has a brother,that thought ran throught my head so since she is having my boyfriend I could have her brother if she has one.I went in my closet to look for my best looking outfit.I had a red low shoulder blouse that I got in Hollywood and a black ripped jeans from New Jersey,its not the best combination but I bet she would love it.I took a shower and I sprayed my body with mom's expensive perfume,after getting dressed I went downstairs to see what mom was preparing."Is that my expensive perfume your wearing young lady"mom asked,"yes mom but we have to impress the guest I heard there loaded (rice)"I replied.I looked over on the counter to see that mom was preparing meatball and spegettie and her famous three lard chocolate cake.She saw me looking then asked"you think they'll like it?" I then replied"I don't know that girl Lilac seema a bit weird maybe they don't even eat at all".

Mom gave me the stop talking non-sense look and I just shutted up.The door bell rang and mom turned to look at me,"ok I'll get it"I said before she could open her mouth.When I open the door I was glad to say that there was tow adults male and female,Lilac and a handsome guy."Come on in you don't want to freeze out there"I suggested.They all came in and I showed them to the dinning room where they each took a seat.With everything going on I almost forgot my brother existed,he came downstairs in a plain black shirt and a pair of jeans."Hey my name is Voilet and this is my brother Matthew,my mom is in the kitchen finishing up dinner"I stated.Then Mr Handsome spoke"well you already know my annoying sister Lilac,my name is Conner and this is my mom Jenny and my dad Riley".Conner had dark blue eyes like his dad and his hair was dark brown almost black and his mom waist was small like she was one of those barbie dolls with her light blond hair.His dad was tall and had dark hair as well and so did Lilac,her and her father could past for brother and sister because he looked way too young.

Mom called me from behind the kitchen door to help with the servings.While bringing it out mom then stated the obvious that dinner was served.We did the normal pass around of every dish on the table then Conner started a conversation"So Matthew your into football?","Yeah I tryed out a week ago and I'm in"Matthew replied."If you ever need some help I'm here to help"Conner suggested,"I was a pro in high school got the trophies to prove it".Conner is so dreamy then it hit me how did he know Matthew was into football,maybe mom said something."And you Voilet what are you into?"Conner asked,"Oh I just like to draw alot"I managed to say correctly withou drouling."Oh great your an artist I love to draw myself"Miss Jenny said,I looked over at her and smiled then I realized that they have not even touched there food.Mom then realized too and said"Whats the matter you guys not hungry?",before anyone could answer I said"forget about dinner lets have dessert or you could just bring it home with you".Conner then said "thats a great idea,don't you think" then they all shake there heads in agreement.

Matthew and I got cleaning up at the dinner table and mom packed the cake for them to bring home."Thanks for dinner on behalf of all of us"Mr Riley said.They got there cake,they said goodnight and they were out the door."Well that was a weird dinner"Mom said,I then asked"did you tell them about Matthew liking football?","no I thought you told them"she replied.Well now I know I'm not tripping this family is hidding somethind well i'll save it for another day.

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