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   "hello? are you okay?" I heard.

"Yes Im f...Max?" I said as I recognized him. He looked confused, raising an eyebrow.

   " I've seen you on TV," I explained.  It took him a minute or two to realize what I said. I chuckled at his face expression and response.

   " Ohh, right," was all he said, blushing slightly. I nodded and smiled a little. He smiled back.

   "I'm Riley, by the way," I introduced myself. He smiled. I suddenly got curious.

   " so, um, whats up? I mean you kinda just appeared out of nowhere" I said, looking at him. He smiled.

  " well, I heard you crying so I wanted to help, cheer you up," he told me. I nodded. " so why were you crying? what happened?" he asked.

    " I got into a fight in school," I said.

    " why?" he asked.

    " some girl shut my locker and she fake apologized, so I swore at her, but I thought she didnt hear me but she did so she slapped me and punched me In my face," explained.

    " Did you fight back?" he asked. I shook my head.

    "No," I said. He frowned.

    " Did anyone help you or get help?" he asked, sitting next to me on the bench.

    " No, everybody was scared of her and nobody talked to me or anything," I said.

   " so she told everybody not to talk to you," he stated. I looked confused.

   " I never said that," I said. He chuckled.

   " It's obvious from what you said, 'everybody was scared of  her, nobody talked to you'  she told them not to talk to you," He said. (I never realized that)  We both noticed that it was really late.

   " um, I should go, its pretty late but it was nice meeting you,  we should hang out sometime," he suggested. I nodded.

   " yeah, we could meet here tomorrow if you want" I said. He smiled and nodded.

   " yeah Lets meet here at 4" he said. I nodded. we exchanged numbers and left. this is the best day of my life. When I got home, I went to my room and jumped on my bed in excitement. I cant wait till tomorrow, and with that, I fell asleep.


Short I know but I promise the next chapter will be longer.  Do you like it?





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