Chapter 2: 2012

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"Psst, Regean wake up todays your last day" I vaguely heard a voice coming from my window. I looked up to see Luke outside my bedroom wimdow.

"Luke go home its 4:00 in the morning" I moaned

"Come on Regean, the suns going to rise soon were going to miss it!" Luke exclaimed

"Fine ill be out in five minutes" I mumbled. I rolled out of bed and tossed a white sun dress on and a pair of tan sandals. I tiptoed down the long narrow hallway. I peered through my parents bedroom, the were both sound a sleep. I creeped down the stairs and meet Luke outside. He looked up at me then grabbed my hand and we both ran towards the empty meadow.

We watched the golden sun rise over the tall green trees. I never wanted to leave Luke but I knew today was my last day with him, my life would never be the same.

"That ones looks like a dog!" Luke shouted as his pointed at a oddly shaped cloud.

I pointed at a fluffy white cloud "And that one looks like a flower" I giggled

"and that one ..." Luke smiled at me "that one looks like you"

"How so?" I pondered

"Its mysterious, but beautiful at the same time" Luke stared straight into my eyes.

I began to cry and Luke hugged me "Luke I dont want to leave im going to miss you so much!" I sniffled

"You'll find friends in your new town" Luke did his best to assure me

"But none of them will be anything like you"

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