Good news-Bad news!

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Hey! I know I had said that I wouldn’t update until August but

(For now) I have some time. So…here you go! And sorry for the mistakes ! I am truly tired!


*Zoe’s P.o.v*-*in the car*

I was going back home from work feeling tired. My job was hard and I need some sleep. I had no energy inside me and I couldn’t feel my legs. Wearing high heels all day is causing acute pain to my whole body. Also I had a terrible headache.

“I am home!” I said and entreated my apartment (actually Harry was staying there too!)

“Right..” I mumbled. “Nobody is here!” I threw my bag on the couch and headed straight to mine and Harry’s bedroom. I lay down and let my body free. God that felt good! The guys were on tour and everything seemed so boring. Evi had a lot of work lately and had no time for shopping or even coffee. Sasha decided to return back to Germany. Liam had told her that they were defiantly going to perform there so he was going to visit her at her apartment. Constandina didn’t work ( because of her pregnancy). Niall was calling her every single night to make sure that she and the baby is fine. Perrie was on tour with “Little Mix” And me…I …was just living my casual routine… ‘Work-home-work-home’!! I heard my ringtone and grabbed my phone.

“This is Zoe Cici speaking! How can I help you?” I answered.

“Zoe! It’s me Sasha!” she said.

“Oh hey! How are you? We miss you girl!”

“Have you heard?” Sasha said. She was excited and I was sure that she was smiling.

“About what?” I asked. What could possible happen.

“Open the site ‘’ and read the news!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Just do it! Or no no no! Don’t do it!”

“Sasha! You are getting on my nerves!”

“Sorry! I am calling you on Skype! Answer!” I opened my laptop and quickly open my skype account. I saw Sasha and smiled.

“Ok! I did it and I can see you clearly!” I said and hanged up the phone.

“Call the others!” She demanded.

“Ok Sir!” I said and add Evi and Constandina.

“Hey girls!” Sasha said as soon as the girls appeared on the screen.

“Hey!” they both said in union.

“What’s up!?” Evi asked.

“Do you see anything different?” Sasha asked and raised her right-hand fingers. A wedding ring! Liam had proposed.

“Aaaa!” Constandina , Evi and I screamed.

“I can’t believe it!” Constandina said.

“When did this happen?!” Evi asked.

“Yesterday! On stage!!!” Sasha said.

“That’s so sweet! Is there a video?” I asked.

“Yeah! You can google it!” Sasha replied.

“We will!” Evi said but I felt my phone vibrating.

“Hold on!” I said and answered. “This is Zoe Cici speaking! How can I help you?”

 “Baby!” Harry said.

“Honey! How are you?” I asked and smiled automatically.

“I have great news! Liam prop…”

“Proposed!” I interrupted him. “Sorry! Yeah I know!”

“Isn’t it wonderful!?” Harry asked.

“It is! But sweetheart I have to hang up! Ok? I love you! Bye!” I said and hanged up. “Girls! I need some sleep!”

“Ok love! Sweet dreams!” Constandina said.

“Bye!” Evi added.

“Bye Zoe! So nice seeing you!” Sasha said.

“I am so happy for you Sasha! Bye!” I said and turned off my laptop. I felt my phone vibrating again.

“This is Zoe Cici speaking! How can I help you?”

“It’s Evi! I forgot to tell you! Tomorrow I am totally free from work and I thought that we could go out and …you know…have some fun! Constandina is also coming! What time are you available?” Evi said.

“Emm! Tomorrow…I guess you can come to my place around 10 p.m and then we can ‘hit the roads’. Ok?” I replied.

“Yes! That’s fine! See you tomorrow morning!Bye!” she said and hanged it up.

*Next day!*

I woke up hoping to face Harry but …no hopes! I got off the bed and went to the kitchen to drink some hot tea.  When I finally had made it I went out at the balcony and looked at the view. All of a sudden I heard the doorbell. I headed to the door and opened it.

“Morning love!” Evi said and kissed me on the cheek.

“We brought donuts!” Constandina said and gave me a small bad.

“You both know that I don’t eat during morning time!” I said and looked at them while they were sitting down on my couch.

“Whatever!” They both answered.

“What are we waiting?” I asked.

“You!” the both replied. I looked at myself and realized that I was still in my pajamas.

“Right…” I said and headed back to my dress room.

“Ready! Let’s go!” I said and stepped out of the apartment. The girls followed and we all went for coffee.

“So… is the baby doing?” Evi asked.

“She is fine!” Constandina answered.

“She is a girl?” I asked.

“I don’t know…but I really want a girl.” Constandina said and smiled.

“What can I get you?” the waitress asked and looked at us. “Oh my God! You ….you are…One Direction’s girlfriends.”

“Yeah…” Evi mumbled and looked away.

“Can you keep it down? Please!” Constandina asked.

“Sure! Sorry! This is so freaking amazing!” She said. “Zoe…I am so sorry! You must be devastated.”

“About what?” I asked feeling confused.

“About Harry…” she said.

“What about him?!” I asked now a lit bit furious!

“You don’t know?” she said and left. After a few seconds she was back with a magazine with Harry on the cover but ….there was another girl…right next to him. I opened the magazine and read the article.

        “Harry Styles on a date? Is he cheating or did he brake up with the model Zoe Cici? Did he find true love? Sources say that he left his hotel late last night and then went on a date with Kendall Jener. Is he getting back together with Kendall or are they ‘just friends’?”

What was that?

“Zoe? Everything ok?” Constandina asked.

“No!” I said with a serious look on my face. “I am going home.” I said and got up.

This is it guys! I am sorry that I won’t be updating until August. I love you all! I hope you liked it!<3 See you in 3 months.  

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