.going home just not the one i imagined

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Saharla POV

    I woke up in a huge room. I shifted into my wolf and whimpered, considering I was either shot or from the loss of my mate. After a while I was pleased and so is shifted into my Siberian wolf considering that I was in you know a shifter

After about 20 minutes I decided to get up and go look around around so while I was no kind of scare considering I wasn't like huge castle or something like that free

Dining room with I think I think the skin no kidding it was definitely a king I think I'm getting blood four wheeling experience I know it had to be blood boiling and experiences and always have what I wanted considering I was an alpha I want to the king and said Siri 0 why am I here for I am NOT royalty well I have a little blood not from this family is from the from the practically from the king and queen come all supernatural species my mom and dad dad dad you know the king and queen of the whole entire supernatural race yes that was my dad and mom anyways um can I please go I have a bad headache and I have a pack to lead. I was on a walk till i got ambushed by hunters. that's the only reason I am here. I hope they were only looking for my blood considering I am royal to you and I heard that you lost your daughter I mean like you can clean off the Empire rebellion but just not king and queen of the. titles supernatural is oh and by the way don't talk to you once I know but I'm not Heather

Yes I know all about Heather your daughter you always search for her. my name is Saharla my real name is is Heather but I'm not that I can think my wishful name is Heather Cynthia bloodstreak. but my code name is Saharla "I said out if breath and fell into a deep sleep.

~mystery POV ~

I haven't met my beloved, practically  a mate for vamps. I've always wanted to try and find her, but me being prince of vamps its kid of hard. I never cut one time I tried to commit suicide by slitting my wrists but since I'm a vampire it's kind of hard to die the only way we can actually died it would be from would be from getting a stake through the heart that's only with a special kind of stake. Thus stake the very ,very ,very,very rare, kind of tree the tree is called the blood family tree, you heard blood reef tree.

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