I Don't Love You

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-WHERE AM I? VILLE !?.- I brushed away my purple hair from my face and saw a nurse running toward me.

-Miss Burton, your father is on the way please try to calm down.-  Said the nurse helping me to sit up in bed .

- Where is the guy who came with me, is he okay?! Please TELL ME!.- I begged nurse with tears in his eyes.

- The only thing i know is that his condition is serious, the doctors are operating but he has very serious injuries.-  The nurse said lowering her gaze i tried to contain myself and not cry as she spoke.

- Oh god! Please keep me informed, i want to know everything that happens to him, please.-  A tear escaped my eyes , the nurse nodded and left, minutes later my father came in running.

-Helena! Are you okay? what happened? where's Ville?.- My father bombarded me with questions and did not know which answer i clammed down enough and he asked me again.

- It'll be Okay sweetie, he will be fine.-  He wiped my tears and said, - Helena tell me, what was  happened?.- I laid my head on his shoulder and started to tell him.

- We left the party and we were both a bit wasted, I was a bit more wasted than him so we decided that he would drive, we came to a stoplight and some guys who were at the party with us caught up with us in their car and wanted to have a little race to the next traffic light and Ville said yes, I asked him not to because I wasn't feeling well but he ignored me, all I remember is seeing a very bright light and then I woke up here.- Tears welled up in my eyes again and i held my father tighter.

- Please Daddy! Tell them to save him!.- He smoothed my hair and soothe me until I fall asleep in his arms .

When I woke up I heard my father´s voice, he was talking to someone else but did not recognize the voice, it was an older man, I opened my eyes and saw he was talking to Ville's doctor.

- Will he react soon?.- My dad said worried.

- Mr Burton, honestly i don't know if he ever will, there is brain activity and everything points to him  waking up but he hasn't reacted to any of the stimuli that we have been giving him, all we can do now is wait, I'm sorry.- The doctor left and my dad came into my room, I sat on the bed and asked him.

- Is there really nothing more they can do?.-

- No Helena, there's nothing else but to wait for him to wake up.- He replied sitting next to me.

- The doctor also said that you can go home I brought you some clean clothes.- my father said putting a small suitcase on the bed.

- Can I go see him before we leave?.- I asked down, I didn't want my dad to look at my eyes filled with tears.

- Sure honey, I'll leave you to change.- He said and left the room. I changed and a few minutes later my father took me to the intensive care unit where they had Ville.

At first it would not go look out the window and tears began to well up in my eyes, I asked my father to let me alone with him a few minutes and finally enters the room. I sat in a chair near the bed and grabbed his hand.

He looked in so much pain, with tubes everywhere and machines that made strange noises.

- I miss your voice Ville. . . honey I know you're there and hear me, back to me, you have to make an effort. -  I said wiping tears from my eyes. - No matter how long i have to wait for you, I love you and I'll always love you . -

I felt a slight squeeze on the hand holding Ville's, tears began welding up again in my eyes but this time with happiness, i looked at the Ville's face but it was still, it seemed he was asleep , I felt another squeeze on my hand and i squeezed back, i smiled and said, - I love you too Ville and I'll wait forever if i have to. -

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