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Scarlett POV

Today James and my parents are coming. I'm a little scared. James and I weren't going to tell them about the engagement until tonight at dinner. James was at the air port picking up his parents. Shawn was picking up out parents they both would met here. Alex, Shane, Jake, Jolene, Nikki were here waiting for everyone to get here. 1st James got here with his parents. Alex gave them hugs. Mrs.Maslow gave me a hug then Mr.Maslow did. "This is my brother Shane and my other brother Shawn will be hear any minute with my parents" I said. "Alright" mrs.Maslow smiled. "Mom, dad you'll be spending the night with me and Jake" Alex said. "Ok" they said. Then Shawn walked in with my parents. I gave them hugs and then we introduced everyone and Nikki, Jolene and Alex helped me make dinner. We made spaghetti mine a James's favorite. Nikki and Alex set the table. Jolene and I set the food onto the table. "Hey hon" I said. "Yea Scar?" James called back. "Dinners ready" I said. "K well be there in a minuet" James said. Everyone came in and sat down. We talked for a bit and I looked over at James and he nodded meaning it was time to tell our parents. "So guys me and Scarlett have" James said. "Ok" my mom said and all the attention was on us. "We're engaged" James said and I hugged his side. Our moms smiled and hugs each of us. Then I hugged my dad. "I can't believe my little girl is all grown up" he said. "Me either daddy" I said. I went back and hugged James again he gave me a kiss on my forehead.


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