Chapter 2

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Don’t care if you hate

Don’t mind if you like

Just don’t go in my life

Chapter 2

You Lied 

Ari’s POV

   It’s a day like every other day, I woke up, seeing Momo on top of me, hearing my step sister calling me down and get ready to school so let’s start from there.

“Momo, get off me, seriously”- I said; Momo giggled and said: “If you get up I’ll get off!”. I stare at her for a moment and replied: “Okay”, I turned my back to her and stand up really hardly and it made her fall down on the floor. “Ow! Ari you meanie!” – Momo said while pouting. I smirked and replied: “You said if I get up and you’ll get off, I believe we did both our turn”, I take her hand and pull her to stand up “though I think I did it a little bit too hard for you” – I said. She crossed her arms: “It wasn’t ‘a little hard’! It was ‘really hard’!” – she shouted.  And then my step sister’s voice appear: “What are you cat eaters doing so loud up there? Go down here and have breakfast already if late is not what you want!” –Yomi-nee said. Momo looked at me in confusion: “Bunnies like to eat fishy like cats too?” –she asked, I shrugged. Else than Yomi-nee, no one knows who I am and I am not intend to let them. So I ignore Momo’s questions about what Yomi-nee means and she even told me to get off my hoddie so she can see what is under it, and of course I denied. And the worst thing of this whole thing is we got late to school that day… I mean, why not right? Though Momo is a good cat, there is one thing that doesn’t please me about her, well not exactly about her, about people around her, they give her a short detention; everyone have always said that she is in a family of some staff in the school but I just really don’t care, I just care that they don’t  treat people fairly.

  After  some days, I met one person, she have long red hair and green eyes.  She usually come to the school, I remembered! She met me in the wood one day and she just ignore me! But whatever, the past is the past, I don’t even care anymore but why does she visit this place so much I wonder? And the principal of this school seems to care for Momo the most but why do I care so much I wonder? What have got into me?!  - I thought.

  One day, Momo offered: “Ari~ Do you wanna go to my house?”; I turned back at her: “Why would you want me to do that?”- I replied; she seems like she got a little scared from my replied: “I… I think w…we are close enough a…and I know your family s…so it wouldn’t be fair if you don’t know mine…”- she said. I raise my eyebrows: “Okay?”; She look brighten up: “Really?! Let’s go to my house after school then!” –she said in happiness. I sighed then smiled a bit. I got quite excited when the school ends. I walked faster than usual to the gate and saw Momo was in front of it with the red haired girl. I was quite shocked but I act normal: “Momo, who is this?”, Momo just smile brightly as usual and said: “This is my step sister!”, I got confused a bit: “wait.. step sister?”, she nodded and said: “The reasons why I play with you is because you don’t have real sisters too, just step sisters and stuff and you can’t blend in well with others and I cant either, I somehow have a feeling that I know you, I just got a feeling that we have a connection and just try to be friend with you, you are the first one I tried really hard to be friend with and…” I didn’t let her finish the sentence, I asked her before she gets to finish it: “Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, let me shorten the situation, you are an orphan, you live with step sisters” – “two step sisters” she said,” okay”- I continue –“and you can’t fit in, and I am the first friend you are the one who start the convo?” she nodded, I crossed my arms: “that’s sweet, anything else you want me to know?” , she paused for a while and start thinking, as I was face palm myself, her sister step up to me and give out a hand: “my name is Ivy”- she smile. I don’t know if she is nice or not but I’m not intend to know so I just walked away. Momo ran after me: “neh! Where are you going? You promise to go to my house remember?!’, “When did I even promised something like that?!”- I replied, She pouted: “Like 1 class ago!”, I sighed and said: “alright, fine”

  As she pulled me to the house of hers, the huge gate starts to appears, I was shocked by what I saw, a huge house! I did not see that coming. I froze in front of her gate and then her sister hit my back a little: “Kid, you alright?”, I turned away and keep following Momo. Momo started to introduce the places in the house for me, the rooms, the things we do in a room, whose room that was and all that kind of stuff and then all of a sudden, I bump into a boy. Momo ran over and picked me up and introduce me to the boy: “Brother, this is Ari, my friend, I brig her here to show her around.”, she said with a calm and slow voice, weird. The boy have long brown hair, he look at me and smiles: “My name is Robert, is a pleasure to meet such a beautiful and pretty girl like yourself”, I look at him and replied: “was that use to impress me cuz it doesn’t and pretty and beautiful is the same meaning” then I hold Momo’s hand and starts pulling: “common, is there any where else?”, Momo nodded and continue dragging me around. Then we come to a room that is kinda big, I look at it for a long time and see the colors on the door look familier with a bit of blue mixed pink colors on them. Momo suddenly jump in front of me and said: “and the last but not least, my oldest step sister Mina!” , “wait, WHAT?!” ; the cat women walked out, that is the principal, no wonder everyone knows her and everyone kinda treat her differently. I stand there for a moment and just walk straight to the door. Momo ran after me in confused: “Wait! Where are you going?!” , “HOME!” – I replied. “Let me go with you then”- she said. “No, I can go there myself! You have a good family cat, stay with them, kay? I’m outta here” – I said and just ran away.

  I know I said I don’t really care about the past but seeing everyone in her house is like she has been lying to me all these long, She have a huge and lovely house, her sister owns and school, her other sister is the one who choose to ignore the pity rabbit that was wounded and her brother is hitting on me (she means like her); it’s just so annoying…

Broken to pieces

Don’t know how the reasons

Dying through seasons

To Be Continue…

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