Chapter 6 The dark room

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N/A Sorry for the editing mistakes guys, I'm just so excited about what this book has in store!!!!

Chrissy POV:

I was so scared I tried to move but couldn't from what I could tell I was in a dark room, who would do this to me? then it came to me could I be even more stupid?? Jacob... but how did he find me? where was Craig??? and the last thing in my mind... I'm Screwed.

Jacob- so your awake.

he flips on a light hanging from the ceiling. the light was still too dim to scope out my surroundings.

Chrissy- how did you find me?

Jacob- That's for me to know

Chrissy- well here's what you need to know, I don't love you. your nothing but an abusive punk.

rage just shot within me, I didn't have feelings for this punk, maybe a emo did but not me,

Jacob- what did you just say?

Chrissy- you heard me Bitch.

Jacob slapped me hard against my face.

Jacob- you don't talk to me like that sweet heart

Chrissy- well I just did

Jacob lunged at me throwing punches, one landed right on my nose as I felt it tingling another one hit my rib, I was furious I was trying to get out this chair but couldn't  I head butted him and he feel to the floor. my nose was really he sorting I knew there was blood coming from it

Chrissy- get up you bitch

I heard Jacob groan but he didn't get up. I learned down and started biting the rope that held my hands, I felt a sharp pang in my back, like someone shot me with a needle. ray stood in front of me and laughed everything went black.

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