*Daisy's P.O.V*

It's my last day of test all over thank god. I finished packing last night after study. I can't believe Harry and I are traveling togehter. I am gonna get my degree in music teaching soon. can't wait. I arrive home with Harry asleep on the couch so I sit on his down stairs area and feel the bulge rise in his pants. "hey" he moans once he realises it's me. "hey" I say while blushing. "what time is it?" he asks unable to find his phone. "2pm. I'm just home from tests when's our flight?" "5. should we get going?" "ya. we don't wanna be later." "alright. suitcases are in the car already and all I need is you." "great them let's go." "ok" then Harry throws me over his shoulders and walks out the door locks it and has my ruck sack with our passports and stuff for the plain in it and he walks down the stairs and puts me down once we get to the car. we both laugh as we get in. It takes a half an hour to get to the airport and the time flies by and we board the plain and head to Spain. whoop whoop Spain here we come!

*Kaylinns P.O.V.*

I wake up in my bed but no zayn. I know we had a fight last night and I don't know where he went or if he came back but I still love him and he loves me. I walk down stairs to the kitchen and I find him on the floor out cold. I run over and shake him to wake him up. "zayn, zayn are you ok?" "Hmmm....ya I'm up but 5 more minutes mom." mom?" I slap him and say "it's Kaylinn" I see a smirk on his face and I kiss him and now he is awake. "so do you forgive me?" "ya I couldn't be mad at you for long babe." "I know I love you." "I love you to." I say and kiss him. "Daisy and Harry are leaving today for 3 months. I won't be surprised if she comes back bigger. you know what I mean." "yes I do. but harry is safe I don't think so." "it's only a joke." "I know. lets go back to bed." "sure."

*Niall's P.O.V*

I finish my test and walk back home. to find my beautiful girlfriend laying asleep on the floor with chocolate and ice-cream tubes all empty all over the floor. I wake her up and carry her up to bed. I lay beside her with my arms around her waist and I fall asleep.

*Louis' P.O.V.*

Liam and I walk home talking about our degrees and where were gonna work and move to. "so you and daisy will be working In the same place?" Liam asks me. "ya. we are gonna work in L.A. do you wanna go to L.A.?" I ask him unsure of his answer. "definitely. I wanna work as a maths teacher so I will work in L.A." "great that's settled. will we look at house online tonight?" "ya." we go on about schools and houses in L.A. we have a couple of friends in L.A. not many but a few and Harry and daisy being there will help even more. Kaylinn and Zayn are going to england. Niall and Ríanna are going to Ireland. so are group is breaking up slowly. Shima is all ready working in the hospital with her mom. she is happy there and I am happy with Liam going to L.A. and not a care into the world.

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