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Leader: Bramblestar- Dark brown tabby tom

Deputy: Whitetail- Black tom with a white tail

Medicine cat: Leaftail- Tortiseshell she-cat with amber eyes


 Morningflower- Tortiseshell she-cat with green eyes (Aprrentince Dustpaw)

Tigerheart- Dark brown tom with brown eyes

Dawnwisker- Pale gray she-cat

Sandfur- Tan she-cat (Apprentince Russetpaw)


Dustpaw- Smokey black tom with green eyes

Russetpaw- Rusty red/brown she-cat


Ferncloud- Pale gray she-cat (Mother to Lynxkit (tom) and Spottedkit (she-cat) )


Barkheart- Oldest elder in RainClan Brown tom with dark brown eyes

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