Chapter Two ♠ Rabbit Hole

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"Come on, Alice! Let's escape logic once more!" Black grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her towards the endless corridor of Dr. Harest's office. "Alice, we're running out of time!" Black began skipping down the corridor, joyfully, giggling in such an horrible way, that sent shudders down Alice's spine as she was dragged along by Black.

"It will be so fun, so fun, I say!" Black said, with a bubbly tone. "We'll have a big feast, to celebrate! There will be tea, and we'll play a game! Hide and seek, or even hop scotch! Oh, oh, I can't wait. He'll be very pleased with me, his royalty!" Black continued laughing as she dragged Alice along.

"Wait-wait! Where are you taking me, let me go!" Alice tried to struggle, but Black was holding a firm hand on the girl's hand. "Let me go!" There was something about this Black Rabbit girl, who sent an uneasy feeling to Alice. An emotional void of darkness, and danger called out to her.

"And dresses! We'll make you the prettiest in Wonderland! There will be dances, dance until your feet give way, dance until you die!" Black continued, ignoring Alice's protests and struggles.

"I said stop!"

"The King will love you! He'll give you everything! You'll be his prized possession, on the top of the shelf, no dust; for everyone to admire you!"

"I said stop, stop now!" Alice's voice rose.

"It's been nearly twenty seven years, Alice! A visit is due, stay there forever! Stay until you die! Even if you die, you can't leave!" Black giggled happily. "We'll keep you! Keep you nice and new! Doesn't matter if you breathe or not; we'll keep you!"

"You stupid rabbit, I say stop this madness!" Alice was nearly on edge. Alice wanted nothing more than to rip off Black's rabbit ears.

The rabbit girl stopped. "A-Alice . . . why? Don't you miss us? Don't you want to go back? D-don't you?" The grip on Alice's wrist tighten, and Alice was left wincing in pain. "Alice . . . I'll save you . . . I-I -I . . . save . . . save you." Alice let out a gasp, as the Black Rabbit girl's red eyes flashed, and it twist, it turned, it wobbled uncontrollable - like a doll. "He won't be pleased . . . His royalty won't like this . . . I'll be punished," Black's grip was growing tighter and tighter, and Alice could feel the circulation slowing down in her wrist, leaving twisting in pain, and she had to bit her lip to keep herself from crying out in insufferable pain.

"Let go, let go of me!" Alice hissed through her teeth, trying to hold in her scream from the agonizing pain. Black's hand was like glass, with no skin like humans, or, anything living for that matter.

"I can't do that, I can't! I-I . . . Cozart will never have you!" The doll-like rabbit girl screeched, her screams were like metal against metal at full speed. "He doesn't deserve happiness in this madness!"

Cozart? "Co-Cozart?" Alice stammered, a sudden nostalgic feeling rushed through her, and she felt something, an emotion that she cannot even read herself. "Cozart. Cozart." She repeated the words to herself. She didn't know who, or what Cozart is, but it triggered something.

The doll slowed down, and looked over at Alice, with it's red, flashing eyes, and cracked face. "I messed up, he'll punish for sure." And the Black Rabbit bored it's bloody eyes through Alice, and Alice only had one choice. "I messed up!" Black screeched.

And Alice, with all her force and fragile might, raised the hand that was gripped by Black, and smashed it against the wall, ignoring the slamming force of her own wrist, and the shattering screech of Black's.

Black's hand, shattered into millions of pieces, pale, glassy pieces. Like- porcelain?

And realization hit Alice hard, and it a doll.

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