Chapter Four

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Erza P.O.V.

I bit my lip as I tried opening my locker. It was rumored that the locker I had (locker number 267) was the crappiest locker in all of the school.

Oh great, I'm going to be late for class and then probably get a detention.

And I have Makarov next. Blech.

After getting my books out of my locker, I slammed it and started on my way to Language Arts. People were staring and getting out of my way (because of the reputation I have here), so I didn't really need to look where I was going.

But, before I realized it, I slipped on the slick tiles and fell on someone. Our faces were so close I could hear his startled breathing and...wait. Jellal?!

Yes, it definitely was. The same person who broke my heart seven years ago. The same person who made me what I am today.

An oppressor. Someone feared.

A monster.

I couldn't stop the tears, so they dripped down the sides of my face. All the torture he caused me all the hate I've gotten. No, I need to stop crying.

"Um," he diverted his eyes from our really long eye contact. "Sorry I bumped into you, miss."

Did he just call me miss.

"Jellal?" I was confused at his remark. "Wait, do you remember me?"

"Who are you?" his expression was blank. "How do you know my name?"

Okay, this was turning really weird.

I slowly heaved myself up from the ground, finally noticing the awkward position we were in. I could hear the hidden laughs of people around me and I started blushing.

As he also sat up, I saw a slight pink tinge in his cheeks as well. "I'm sorry," he suddenly blurted out. "It's my fault I bumped into you. I wasn't looking where I was goi-"

"Oh no," I interrupted awkwardly. "I slipped and fell it's actually don't remember me?"

He was looking at me weirdly for a while, then replied. "No," he looked at me longer. "Wait, were you someone I knew before the incident?"

My ears perked up at the word incident. "What incident?"

"Oh," he scratched his head. "So you don't know. Well, I was walking home and while I was crossing the street, I got a message. It was really long and...I forgot what it was about but I didn't notice the traffic light change and...there was a drunk driver..."

I tried to suppress the giggle. No matter how serious the situation was, I found it a little cliche how he was a victim of a drunk driving accident...along with a texting-while-driving incident even if he wasn't the driver.

"Who was the person who texted you?" I asked. Surely no one would send such a long text that required so much time to read.

"I dunno," he scowled as if thinking. "Someone as in the name of Erza, I think? I really don't know, I've had amnesia since the day I've woken up from the coma which is...what 10 months?"

Wait...Jellal was in a coma all this time because of me?

I must've been making a face that was really noticeable because he asked, "You okay?"

I immediately snapped out of my stupor. "Yeah," I laughed awkwardly. "I'm just really, really tired."

"Oh well um," he started saying. "We need to get to class soon but it was really nice meeting you-"

I turned my back before I had a chance to respond. Too many emotions were coming at me all at once, and I couldn't control it weather I liked it or not.

I felt something moist drip down my right cheek. I quickly wiped it away, and suddenly realized I was crying. I haven't cried in years, so why now? Why when it has to be with Jellal? Why not when he totally ignored me? Why not when no one liked me?

Why not then?

More and more tears fell, and I couldn't stop them. I tried to stifle back a sob, but it ended up being heard. Embarrassed, I ran to the nearest restroom. Luckily it was empty. I sat on the cold tiles with toilet paper as makeshift tissues in hand and started crying.

My mind flashed back to when I first met Jellal. Young, cute, and reckless.

But how?

They...they said he was dead when that incident occurred.

I thought I'd never see him again.

Jellal P.O.V.

She turned her back before I had a chance to finish. Rude much? I sighed as I walked the other way, and memories suddenly came rushing back like a flood. I whipped back around to see if she was still there, but she was already gone. The only thing I remembered about the strange girl was her scarlet hair.


Where have I heard that before?

{I know that Jellal's part is extremely short but I was having writer's block... Gomen for not really updating but I'm starting to have a busier schedule than usual. Next up is GaLe! Oh, I will have sooo much fun with this.}

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