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I'm about to go into summer vacation in like two weeks but unfortunately I'm not going to the same school as Faith, Cassie, Reece, and Najah so I'm doing this story till eight grade but I might do a little more after. Luckily we're still in sixth grade right now. I might just have Faith tell me cute things they do. But basically everyone else is staying together but I'm going off by myself. I'm probably gonna cry

I follow Faith into the classroom and am greeted with many pairs of eyes. I scan the room looking for my bæ but quickly realize she's not in the room anymore. After seeing my worried expression a girl named Linden told me Karen and Najah where sent to have a friendship mentoring. I tried my hardest not to freak out and go looking for them.

I sit in the silent room trying to concentrate on my breathing and not the monster sitting in front of me. I can feel her smirk on my skin and the burning eyes to my head. The counselor sure is taking long.
"Wow we've been waiting forever," Karen giggles. I stare at the wall ignoring her comment. She giggles even more.
"Aww don't tell me you're mad at me," she pokes her tongue out at me. I'm ready to grab her by her hair and throw her to the ground when we hear the crack of the door.
"Well ladies what's going on?" the counselors make me feel weird when they stare at me.
"Hi Ms.Hella it's lovely to see you again," Karen looks up with a warm smile. What a kiss up.
"Nice to see you too Karen now explain to me the situation." I'm completely ignored while she just questions Karen. I feel like shit right now so I stand to leave.
"What do you think you're doing honey?" Ms.Hella studies me up and down. Wow she doesn't even know my name.
"I don't see why I'm even here considering you are only talking to each other." I stay facing the door. I feel Karen trying to reach out to me but quickly twist away.
"Sit down please, we all need to discuss this." She stars taking out a pen and paper. Is she gonna take notes like where animal? Are we going to draw out feelings? I stare at the wall before finally sliding back into the hard uncomfortable plastic.
" Will you both please write your part of the story. I find in most friendship problems talking is difficult so writing is better." I sigh and take the paper. I stare at the wall unsure where to start. Where she ruined my life? Where she ruined Faith's? when my blood finally comes to a boil I start writing I write everything I think I need to because I need to tell someone. Watching Karen happily hand her paper makes me sick and sad. Ms.Hella reads over the papers a calm expression on her face the entire time. Karen keeps trying to make me interact with her but I just glare.
"Ok girls you are dismissed. The other counselors and I will look this over. I will come get you during lunch," a puzzled expression covers my face. Can't she see what going up here. Does she really need other people's opinions. It makes me sick to the stomach to think this person is supposed to be helping us but still says she needs help. I watch her as Karen leaves the room. It quiet before she looks up to me.
"Well are you going to go? You can't waste all your class time here." She looks back at her papers before I quickly turn around. The door loudly shuts behind me.
"That was awkward," I familiar voice calls out with a happy note. I only have a couple weeks left until summer break. But I don't think I can be surrounded with Karen any longer.

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