Chapter 16

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Izzy's P*O*V

 I woke up randomly in the night, I was screaming and crying when I opened my eyes and looked around I was completely confused as to where I was, I shot up, waking Jake up, he came over to me and tried to hug me and calm me down saying "Hey sweetie shhh calm down" I screamed at him saying "Get away from me! Don't touch me!" Andy came bursting through the door and ran straight to me pulling me into him and I buried my face into his chest screaming and crying. He smoothed my hair down and whispered to me saying "Shhh, calm down little one, I'm here, I'm here darlin'." I pulled away from him, and stuttered "I....I....I dreamt about it, h...ha...happened again, make it....make it go away Andy!" "I can't little one, it's just something we'll have to deal with, and we're all going to help you through it." "But I don't want to deal with it! I want it to go away!" "I know I know." I looked over to Jake then saying "S..sorry" "Hey don't apologise, you've got nothing to apologise for." "But still you didn't do anything and I yelled at you," "It's okay sweetie" I crawled over to him, and sat between his legs while he held me so close to him, I snuggled into his chest and just cried. Andy stayed there with us until I calmed down, I did eventually about an hour later and pulled away from Jake. I looked at them both and gave a small smile and said "Sorry for keeping you up" Andy replied first saying "Don't apologise little one, don't ever apologise for crying or being scared," "But it's like 4 in the morning Andy and you've got to stay up late for the concerts so you need to rest," "So what, you'll always come first little one, family first always!" "Okay, sorry" "Stop it." Jake joined in then saying "Maybe you should try and get back to sleep sweetie?" "Okay I'll try," Andy got up to leave then but I started crying again and he turned around saying "What little one?" "Don't go Andy," "Hey I'm only going next door and Jake's right there," "No Andy stay please" "Umm is that okay Jake?" I looked at Jake with pleading eyes and he said "Yeah don't have to ask man she's your sister, I'll just go bunk in with Ash for tonight" "No don't go I want you both!" "How's that going to work bubs?" "Umm I don't know...." Andy said then "I'll just sleep on the floor..." "Are you sure?" "Yeah little one it's fine as long as your okay" "Okay, thank you Andy" "No worries little one get some sleep yeah?" "Okay" Andy kissed my forehead and gave me a little cuddle and then I heard him crash down on the floor. I chuckled then turned so I was facing Jake and cuddled down into his chest pulling the blankets right up to my chin. Jake wrapped his arms around me and kissed me and whispered "I'm right here sweetie nothing will hurt you I promise love you" "I love you too" And with that said I fell back to sleep.

 I awoke to Andy's face right in mine. He'd decided to be funny and jumped on top of me and shouted 'Boo' in my face I opened my eyes and screamed a little and then I couldn't help but laugh at him. "Hey there Giraffe" "Morning little one sleep okay?" "Yeah I guess so, what about you on the floor?" "Yeah, its actually surprisingly comfy," "Oh fair enough, What times the show tonight?" "Umm starts at 7:30pm but we don't go on till about 9:30pm," "What about sound check?" "About 2pm and meet and greets at 5pm" Okey dokey so we've got all morning to do whatever, can we watch movies?" "Sure thing little one" "Yay!" Jake woke up then and looked a little startled seeing Andy sitting on top of me, I just looked to him and said "This is what I got most mornings at home" "Ahh I see, sleep well?" "Yeah what about you?" "Alright thanks" "Good good loving the bed head there sweetie" "I know right so sexy! Could say the same to you as well" "Well that's just hurtful" "Oh and saying it to me isn't?" "Nope, love you" "I love you too" "Now two of my five favourite boys I'm going to shower and that so pretty please would you go and cook me pancakes" "Umm what's the magic word sweetie" "Please" "Okay we'll get cooking" "Yay!" I gave Jake a quick kiss because Andy was there, pecked Andy's cheek and then went to the bathroom I showered quickly then got out and changed into this ---> went a little overboard with the batman but fuck it! I walked out to the sitting room and by the time I was ready everyone except Ash was sitting out there completely absorbed in some film that was on the TV. I walked over and sat down on Jake, and his arms automatically slid around my waist. No-one else had noticed I was there really so I suddenly screamed out at Andy, "ANDY!" He jumped into mid air then looked at me and screamed like a little girl I said to him "What?" "You, your like a walking batman come here!" "Noooo I'm comfy" I whined, so instead he came and sat on me "Andy your killing me here" "I know" "Where's my pancakes?" "Ummm...." "You didn't cook them did you?" "Nope" "Fine I'll cook today then" "Yay!" "Haha let me up then" I said pushing him off me so he landed on the floor. I giggled then walked over to the kitchen and made pancakes for everyone shaped like this ---> I thought they were adorable. I walked out to everyone and put them down on the table they all dived to the plate and stuffed their faces, fortunately I'd been smart and saved mine and Ash's in the kitchen. I laughed at the four of them as I walked past to see Ash.

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