Jack's P.O.V

As alice said goodbye, i locked my phone and turned back to the guys. "you guys are really weird you know that?" they just laughed and alex flipped me off.

i smiled, doing the same and got up, walked over to my bunk and grabbed a black t shirt and some grey skinny jeans and walked to the washroom.

i stripped down and got in the shower, letting the hot water wash away the day. my favourite part if the day

washing away the worries. i got out, wrapping a towel around my waist and went to grab my shirt but it wasnt there. i heard giggles from outside of the door. "ALEX YOU SON OF A-" alex opened the door and jumped onto me. i laughed, pushing him off of me and messing up his hair as i did so. "not so high and mighty now are you gaskarth?" i laughed and he threw my clothes at me and left. "love you too lex!" i laughed and closed the door, changing into my clothes and blowdryed my hair and ruffled it quickly. i walked out and grabbed my headphones, yelling before i left . "IM GOING FOR A WALK GUYS! ILL BE BACK!" i heard rian yell back "DONT GET RAPED BY PSYCHO FANS!" i laughed and left, closing the door and putting in my head phones, i miss you by blink 182 played, my mind drifted to alice. i sang along quietly "where are you and im so sorry" i smiled and my phone buzzed. i unlocked it to see a message from alice. 'when is this date barakat?' i smiled and texted back. 'how about tomorow?' i sent. she replied minutes later. my heart skipped a beat when i saw her response. 'great. i cant wait to see you again ;) tell lex and the boys i said hi. night jacky.' i smiled and texted back. 'night alice :3 come to the bus at 7pm' she texted back 'see you then. ;3' and with that i locked my phone and walked back to the bus as the next song ended. i opened the door and walked in to see alex and rian asleep in the couch, i looked at the adventure time clock on the wall . 1:35 am . oh god. i walked over to alex and rian , who were now cuddling, snapped a picture and posted it on instagram. then, i walked over to my bunk, took off my shirt and jumps onto my bunk. i closed the curtain and closed my eyes. my mind wondered to what i would do with alice tomorow. it had to be special. i could feel that she was different. i really liked her... wait.. did i really like her that much?. oh god my life is so confusing. i drifted off into a dreamless sleep that lasted for hours...

A/N: XD i know its short but i was writing future chapters. what do you think alice and jack are gonna do?! :3 i already have the chapter made so i will post it tomorow :D byiiii ~ becca.

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