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Ellie's POV

"I shit you not Ell!!!" I laughed until I was tearing up. My heart did flutter when he called me my nickname. "It really happened!!" He exclaimed. I walked beside my bestest friend in the entire universe, Frank. Frank and I were both Seniors in high school. Frank and I were the closest ones out of everyone. But the only problem was, I have been in love with him. We walked in silence and we reached my locker. I opened it as Frank opened his. Great thing was, Frank and I have lockers side by side. And we had every class together. We basically never left each other's side. We grabbed our books and I eyed him. He looked so cute in his uniform. He was wearing the white button up (not tucked in of course) his khakis, red tie, and his blue jacket with the school logo. With his black Converse.

I, on the other hand, was wearing a black skirt, white button up with the blue jacket and white knee highs socks with my Converse. Plus the tie we had to wear. Today my newly dyed black hair was down in curls as I curled it. And my piercings were in. As were Frank's. We shut our lockers and walked together to Science our first period. "Good morning class." "Good morning Mr. T." We all muttered. "Today we are going to be doing an experiment. Your partners are on the bulletin board. I rushed to be first and looked for my name. Next to my name was Frank's. I turned on my heel and rushed to his desk across the room. "We're partners!" I exclaim. "YES!!!!!"

We do happy dances and sit together. We get our goggles on and Frank has trouble putting them on. I laugh at his cuteness. We do the work and all I do is stare at him as he applies everything to the water shit. Frank looks at me and smirks. Then he drops two of the powdery things into the water. When only we're supposed to drop one. I roll my eyes and wait. It sizzles and the whole thing explodes. Causing to get everywhere but us. Kids scream and Mr. T rushes to us. "DETENTION NOW!!!!!!!" He booms. We get up and grab our things and walk to detention laughing our asses off.

Frank opens the door for me and I notice Taylor and Gerard my brother in there. We walk to the desk and I ask, "What now?" To the both of them. Gerard stands up, "I should be saying the same thing Ellie." I point to Frank who is still laughing. "If it weren't for him to blow the class up, we wouldn't be here." Frank looks down and pouts. "Aw Frankie you know I still love you!" Taylor snorts. She knows. I kick her and Gerard covers his mouth from speaking. I hug him and he kisses my cheek and sits at a desk. "Why are you here?" I ask sticking a piece of gum into my mouth. "PDA." They say together. "But PDA is allowed. It just can't be like dry humping or some shit." I shrug. "It got sexual. It's all Gerard's fault. He was turning me on. He kept licking his lips." "MY LIPS WERE CHAPPED!!!!"

He exclaims. Frank lets out one sarcastic laugh and begins doodling. "Go to your lover." Taylor teases nudging me as she places her legs on Gerard's lap and pecks his cheek. I kick her again and Gerard laughs. I go to Frank and see he's still doodling. I place myself next to him and he gives me a huge smile. We have to stay the next three periods until lunch. We grab our lunches and arrange ourselves around the table me sitting next to Frank, of course. Ray comes into view with his tray. "Where's Gerard and Taylor?" He asked. "Relieving their sexual tension in the bathroom." He makes a disgusted face. "Yuck." I laugh. "Where's Mikey? Is he still getting lunch?" Ray shakes his head.

"He's asking Alicia out on a date." I gasp. Mikey finally sits down beside Ray. "How'd it go?" Ray asked him. "I have a date on Friday night." Mikey says with a smile. "With Alicia?" I ask. He nods and Ray asks, "Simmons right?" He nods once again and Alicia walks by and winks at Mikey. He smiles at her. Frank turns his head and spit all of his milk out of his mouth. Onto a teacher. The teacher sighs as Frank laughs nervously. "Watch where you spit Mr. Iero." He says walking off to the bathroom. We laugh and I ask, "What's wrong." "No. Fucking. Way." He says Way pointing at me. I giggle and Mikey asks with a full mouth, "What?" "Mikey Way. The Junior skinny ass kid that has glasses and asthma."

I slap him on the arm lightly. "I have asthma too!" He nods it off and continues, "Mikey fucking Way got a girl like Alicia Simmons." He is serious until he laughs his ass off. I hit him in the side of the head. "He's not a geek! He just has asthma a glasses!" Mikey nods, "That's right." "I'm sorry Mikey. I'm just fucking with you! I'm happy for you!" He says shoving my fries into his mouth. "I know." Mikey says as Gerard and Taylor come back with messy hair and panting. "Where have you---AW FUCK!!!!! You guys fucked!" Mikey shouts. We laugh as they sit and inhale food. Mikey seems to be grossed out by this and pulls out his inhaler and shakes it breathing in the puff.

The school day ends and Frank and I walk home together. We enter my house and my mother greets us. "Hey ma." "Hello Ellie, hello Frank." We go to my room and study which turns out to be a goofing off time. We finished homework and just chilled on the bed eating Twizzlers. "What are you doing this weekend??" Frank asks with a Twizzler in his mouth. I shrug. "You think I should ask Jaima Nestor out?" My eye twitches. "No, I've heard she's a whore." He nods. "God I wish I could have a girl." "Me too." "Is there a guy in your life that you wish you could have but they think of you as friends?" Franks asks sitting up. I nod, "How about you?" He nods in reply.

"She's the girl of my dreams." "Same." I say. "Tell me about her." I say sitting up and crossing my legs. "Well she's beautiful, funny, cute, sweet, energetic and just fucking perfect." He sighs dreamily. I feel jealousy. "What about that guy of your dreams?" "He's perfect also. Great, funny, sweet, also cute, and super hot." I say. I can see anger in his eyes. Huh. "Cool. Who is it?" I wish I could say, "IT'S YOU, YOU IDIOT!" But instead I say, "I can't tell you!" "Well I won't neither. Until you tell me!" He sings. I shake my head. "Please!" He pleads. Twenty minutes later.... "PLEASE TELL ME!!" I shake my head and he's sighs giving up. I describe him to Frank. I don't know how he hasn't gotten it. I'm describing himself to him. God, he's so fucking clueless.

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