Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I fell asleep after freaking out about Jacob following me and watching Titanic.

7:00 am

I woke up and looked at the clock beside my hotel room bed.
7:00 am, read the clock.

"What am I doing up this early?" I said to myself quietly.

I looked over at Madison and Gracie's bed and neither of them were there. I figured they got lost or something so they stayed at the guys house that they met.

I picked up my phone and I had over 100+ notifications on twitter and had gained 14,000 followers.

"What the crap?" I yelled.

I looked through twitter and then saw it. Jacob tweeted our picture we took together last night. And he tagged me in it.

That's when I remembered the note.

"Maybe he did read it and that's how he followed me and found my twitter.!"

"OH MY GOSH!" I yelled once more. Then finally realizing that I put my number on the note.

I put my phone down and laid back on my bed. Trying to calm down from what had just happened.

I decided to get ready for the day so I got up and took a shower.

When I was done I put on some blue jean high waisted shorts and a cat crop top (I love cats btw) and put on a little makeup.

Then I packed up my kavu bag and I was ready to do whatever for the day!


Blahhh I updated again. Sorry it's boring it will be better soon.

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