Was it weird when I did cheerleading and he was the football player, we didn't even know each other then. Then again we were young.. Really young. I was 11, so he must've been 12. I don't remember anything about that time. I just remember cheering with my best friend and making some new ones. I remember getting hurt during one of our pyramids, the boys were coming onto the field and number 42 ran over along with two other boys, he helped me up and brushed me off. "You okay?" he asked, he was so cute I couldn’t respond. "Um I yeah you're.." I stopped and looked down. He patted my back and ran away. "GOOD LUCK" I yelled. We had 5 girls on our squad and a great football team. We made it into the super bowl, but the other cheating team won. Go figure.

He was in middle school with me, one year older, he was in 7th when I was in 6th, I never forgot him, to be honest I really liked him. I'm pretty sure if I saw a picture of him I would know it was him. He was gone by the time I was in 7th and he would have been in 8th. I wondered why but I heard he got very violent with a girlfriend of his, he basically verbally abused her. She slapped him, it was her fault. Oh well, that's his story to tell, not mine. Secrets be told he isn't such that good of a person anymore. The 12 year old that played football now goes to a private school.

3 years later-- Chapter one

"We're playing against the "Bad boys" tonight, you going?" I get asked by Bailey, my best friend. She's the best yet she could have any guy with the snap of a finger and stays single... I wonder if Bailey is a lesbian..   I have a reason to stay single; the guys from L.A think they could get away with anything they want. My ex was a total sex addict, that's literally all he cared about. I put one hundred percent into Bradley, yet he wasn't happy.. So much for that promise ring...  Bailey talks about the Reform school like they're all bad, it seems to me that the boys here are worse, they just haven't gotten caught. She and I have been friends since middle school, I could tell her anything, yet she didn't know about 42.

"I have to. Remember how I made the squad again, do you listen to anything I say Bailey?'' I joke, she must have forgotten how dedicated I was to Brad that I quit the squad  to spend time with him.  Another one of my friends, Lizzie then walks over to us. Brad flirted with her too, tried to get pics, yet she didn't fall into the trap, she respected herself enough to not worry about him, plus she told me it happened but when all the other girl's Brad got pictures from they never told me shit. Lizzie was my best friend; we met at girl scouts in 2nd grade. I trusted her with my life, I told her everything. 42.. problems with my mom anything that was on my mind, I could vent to her about.. That's why she's my best friend.. Well was my best friend.  

One thing no one knows is I've been chatting with one of the boys from L.A reform school. We don't know each other but we have given ourselves nick names. I'm princessgeek and he's sporty. He plays football and is hoping to get out of the school soon, he wants to come to L.A and be on our football team the only reason he got into that school was because of his ex. He won't tell me what happened, only that he never hurt her but said he was going to to try to scare her off.  I almost made it into the school with him because of Brad. He threw my new phone, like who does that?! Ugh I hate Brad, and sporty knows about everything, he is the only guy I can trust.. Plus we could run into each other and not even realize it.. I guess that's a good way to look at things.

I walk into my free period and check my phone; I have a few text messages, which I finally can reply.

Sporty: Hey, we are coming to your school tonight. Be careful. I have a feeling you’re going to get hit on. Recently single girl gets around school, shit gets around L.A. Good luck Geek, message me when you get a chance.

Princessgeek: I know you are and thanks for the warning. I'm in my free period now, but I have homework. Joy.

Sporty: What kind of homework?  I can help.. Maybe

Princessgeek: Earth science and math. I have to read but I'm not into that "Life" haha

Sporty: Read first, then math, last earth science. It may be easier. Get to it, I'll let you go. Good luck.

Princessgeek: See ya.

I start my homework as my friend Michael walks into class. Michael is a friend yet he has a major crush on me. I tried to keep the “I think of you as a brother” card. It hasn't helped. I have a idea to ask some friends that don't go to this school if they want to help me with a favor, have a fake relationship.. Then the guys will leave me alone and then I don't have to worry bout the boy bullies.

I try to finish my homework even though I'm destracted by my peers. I text sporty again trying to see what he's up to.

Princessgeek: Hey, anything new from the past 10 minutes. :P

Sporty: Well I heard some private school is coming up to watch the game.

Princessgeek: Joy. Just what we need delinquents and preppy little rich boys. (That's kinda what it was anyway but haha yeah)

Sporty: What your saying is they're more preppy and rich. I get you geek I know what you mean.

Princessgeek: It's princess to you sport.

The bell rings and I pack up my stuff heading out the door still looking at my phone for the reply. One more period. 40 more minutes, then cheer practice!

20 minutes through the period and no reply.. This was strange I didn't like it. Maybe I said something wrong..

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