Introducing Kameko, Blood-bank for Six.

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Her eyes had begun to open once again, seeing weird blotches of blood everywhere, and because of her annoying habit, she stretched her whole body on a bed and kept moving in weird positions. That is, until she touched something on her bed.

It was cold.

She jolted up to find... another boy..? This wasn't the boy that picked her up, I mean, yes, he looks similar, but his hair was longer and had a more of an auburn hue, and he's wearing a hat.

A stylish fedora with a pretty little pink ribbon.

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" she screamed and tugged on his sleeve.

The boy turned around and smiled perversely. His eyes were glittering with amusement.

Kameko jolted from her position and sat straight up, causing her to get a little light-headed.

"Hey, she's awake~!." The boy shouted

Kameko blinked and she saw five more figures entering her room. That isn't right, were they track runners? The boys that were standing before her emitted a scary aura, so she did the natural thing. She grabbed her blanket and hugged it closer to her now lukewarm body.

Correction. She squeezed the nonexistent life out of the poor thing.

"Ummm... Thank you for saving me, but I've gotta go..." She whispered and swung her lower body off the bed.

"Wait. Before you go, do you know what we are?" The butler-like guy asked

" What did he mean by 'what they are'? They were high-schoolers, right? Strippers..? Babysitters..? Wait, Their eyes are different colours, red eyes. Like that night, a shiver ran down my spine. No.......NO. Their..... their......

"Are you carpet salesmen, perhaps..?" She tried to play dumb as she met their bright-colored eyes.

They just looked at the girl. It seemed to her that they weren't stupid, "You lot aren't cosplayers, are you?"

The silence that rewarded her showed no signs of amusement, "Geez. Tough crowd."

She sighed and swallowed the lump in her throat, "You're... vampires... right..?"

Something told me by the way they looked at me, I was right. My heart began beating more fast and knew. I had to get out of hereNow.

An albino stepped forward, "Don't even think of leaving, we can't let you expose our kind. You'll be staying with us".

"'Expose you kind..? HA. Don't worry; I have no friends to share secrets with. Besides, you think people would believe in vampires? On the internet, there are people who Photoshop dogs' heads on a human body, I think you're little secret is safe." She tried and made a little hand gesture when she mentioned 'vampires' to indicate a misunderstanding.

"It doesn't matter." He spat, "You aren't leaving this place, or else you're dead."

Kameko thought this over, "Can't I just pinky promise you..? We could even Pinky Pie swear, if you want."

The look on his face made it clear. They had already decided on her future, without her consent, how rude.

Her eyes widened, changing from green to lilac, "As a ... blood bank..?"

"Yes." The raven-headed male answered back, his voice was strong, as if testing her to talk back.

Something happened to me. I looked them directly in their eyes.

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