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"But it don't matter any more." I stated as I cleared my face from tears.

"Why don't it?"

"I'm going out tonight." I said as I stood up confidently.

"Ohh girl! Who is it?"

"Uh. I don't think you wanna know actually."

"Oh, I wanna know!"

"It's uh.." "Ej." I said quietly.

"You funny! I thought you was serious, but then I was like nahh Y/n would never date Ray's best friend!" She said with a laugh. But I gave her a serious face. And she stopped laughing.

"You didn't." Kay started. "That's Ray's best friend Y/n! If he finds out about this, it's going to hurt him!" Kay exclaimed.

"He's not going to find out. And if he does, it's not like it's a date..."

"He asked you?" Kay asked.


"It's a date. If not to you, it probably is to him." She said and, I knew she was right.

"How could you not see it?!" She asked throwing her hands up and they fell back down to her side.

"Nothings going to happen." I tried to predict.

"Not at the beginning. But near the end, he's gonna get some ideas. If he's really ambitious as he looks, he'll start getting ideas near the middle of the date. Keep your guard up." Kay said

"Nothing going happen."

"Okay. Okay. Whatever you say. And by the way. This is fucked up in more then just one way." She said and she got up and left.


I just brushed that off. It's whatever, she must've been fucked up. Time flew by. I got ready and he pulled up in his Lamborghini.(Love them cars thoe! If that's how you spell it.)

"Wow." I said admiring the car that was sitting in front of my very own house. I felt like I was rich and if I turned around I'd be facing a huge mansion. But I turned and nahh, same shitty ass house I live in now.

"You like?" He asked as he stood with me on the front door step. "It's a Lamb-"

"Yeah. I know. Does it got the butterfly doors?!" I asked happily.

"Why don't you go look." He said. I ran down the steps to the car. "It's unlocked." He yelled from the house. I pulled the door handle, and the door flung up. I. Almost. Died.

"That's fucking dope as hell!" I exclaimed as I climbed in the car.

"So, I'm guessing you like." He said as he climbed in the car with me.

"I don't like it." I said as I gave him a stank face. "I fucking love it!" I said as a smile came across my face. "So, where we going?" I asked him.

"To the crib." He said as he started up the car. Thoughts of what Kay said took over my thoughts, and all I could think about was how hurt Ray was going to be. But then again, he hurt me, by fucking Star. Why not have some fun of my own. I'm not a thot. But today, I'll take exceptions.

Aha. Shit boutta get real.xD

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