My Beautiful Monster H.S

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okay. So emm this is my first story. please give it a shot and comment, vote etc yeah aha.

All critism is taken.

Please do tell me what you think it would really help.

Thanks guys.

Hope you enjoy:)


This is my story. My story of home I went from average university  student with a boring life, to how I fell in love and ha d a crazy life. With my beautiful monster.


so I'm Alex, well technically Alexis but I dont really like Alexis so I go by Alex, or Lexi. I'm 18 and I've just transferred from Australia to London and this is my story so I'll let you read.

It was a normal weekend for any university student ,parting and drinking. That's what my weekends now consisted of.

Ever since I was give the opportunity from university in Sydney,Australia to transfer and study abroad I took it. I choose england. To be honest,j don't know why. Something about it drew me in,it sounds strange I know,but there was something in the name it gave me a feeling, a good feeling, a feeling of excitment but also an anxious feeling. I didn't know what to expect, but now I know. After a week of being here, I knew it was meant to be.

Anyway, it was a normal Saturday night. We were out partying and dribking,taking advantage of the young drinking age. Oh an by'we' I mean my roomates, no other Aussies- as British people call us- had transfered to the uni I was currently attending, so my roommates were all british- two were in english- Alice and Niomi-  and Elidh-who we call Eils- was Scottish. They were all amazing, helping me to get to know London and they were all parties.

I had probably had about 4 vodka shots along with some bright coloured drink when u started to feel a tiny bit drunk. Ok ,maybe a bit more,but still I was having fun.

About half an hour later, I started to feel tired so me and Alice decided to head home.

We were walking as it was only about a 15 minute walk back to our flat. But well being drunk made it a bit harder.

We were about half way home when I felt a strange feeling, like someone was looking at me. I stopped to turn around and look, but saw no one.

"Hey! What's up? You coming?" Alice's voice snapped me out of state.

"Yeah" I hesitated" just coming" I finished, before taking another look, but still not seeing anyone.Then started to follow Alice again.

The whole way home I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head, but again just brushed it of thinking it was my drunken imagination.

so it's short, but its just an intro to the story.

thanks for reading xx

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