Running Away from the Truth

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"So are you guy's going to get a job?" Paisley asked me.

"Our jobs are being the Slayers. That's it. Nothing else because we risk ever single person that we meet in our life. My Mom had Humans die because they we're friends with her. It's not happening under my watch." I said.

"But, Bri. I've always had a job. How else am I going to support my family?" Paisley asked.

"This is our job! You'll live with us, with your sisters. And your family will have to take care of themselves. Because we have to take care of the world." I said then we all moved to the front door and I was so mad that as Conner walked in I slammed into him and went right into my car.

"What did you say to her?" I heard him ask but I didn't stick around long enough to hear her answer.

I went to the graveyard and sat down in this place Mom showed me.

"Hey luv." A British dude said walking up to me.

He was in the shade of one of those mausoleum things.

"Don't call me that." I said disgusted.

"Come here." He said.

"Who are you?" I asked standing up.

"I'm Spike." He answered. I instantly backed away. "What did I do?" I pulled out my stake and was in a defensive stance. "I thought you looked familiar! You're one of them new Slayers runnin' about aren't you?"

I shook my head no.

"Well that's the only thing you can be unless your a Witch or maybe even a really dumb Human but only a Slayer would instantly pull a quickie out on me instead of running for their lives." He said.

"Look closer." A voice said behind me.

I knew it was Mom.

"Slayer?" Spike asked.

"Yes?" Mom and I both said.

"Wait. Who are you?" He asked me.

"None of your business, Vampire. Can I kill him now?" I asked moving foreword.

"Bria, back off." Mom said.

"But... Mom. He's THE Vampire you told me about. When he was evil and tried to kill you, he fell in love you and then he tried to... Do it with you. Mom, let me do this and keep my family safe." I said.

"Oh... Your siblings, Father, cousins, uncles, and Aunt's will be fine." Mom said.

I back up and looked at her.

"You left out some people." I whispered.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"You left out Angel, Conner, and my other Slayers. Mom they're my family more then anyone." I said then I walked away again.

I'm storming out a lot but, right now, I just want to be left alone. Where to go? I started walking then I ended up at this place for Witches, the one Mom told me about. It doesn't opening until next Monday. So I could go in there and no one will notice me. Just want I want right now.

I walk in and go down stairs. There's a perfect fighting area. I pulled off my shirt and that left me in my grey sports bra. I pulled off my joggers and that left me in black and grey basketball shorts. I started practicing ready for night to fall.

"I knew I would find you here at this time of night." A male said.

I turned and found Rain. I ran my hands threw my hair and looked around trying to avoid having to look him in the eye.

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