Liam's POV

I woke up slowly. My head pounding like a thousand alarms and I was tied up in a chair. I'm surprised whoever kidnapped me hasn't blindfolded me. I was in an empty room and I remembered I still have my daggers in their holder in the back of my pants. My body is practically a weapon holder, I hide weapons on my body. My hands were tied behind the chair so that made it easier to take out one of the daggers and try to cut myself out. I cut the ropes and untied my feet. I kept the dagger in one hand for protection and with the other, I grabbed for my phone. I called Annabeth. "Liam, I'm kind of busy right now." She said. "Annabeth! I've been kidnapped!" I whisper/yelled. "What?! Where are you?" She panicked. "I don't know!" I whispered. "I'm coming Liam!" She said. "Stay on the phone with me at all times!" She said. "Got it." I said. The room was dark and I couldn't see. But what I did see was quiet disturbing. I saw red glowing eyes. "Annabeth..." I trailed off with a shaky voice. "Liam, its okay. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and I are on our way. We're following your scent." Annabeth said.

Annabeth's POV

LIAM WAS KIDNAPPED. OMG WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?! "No, Annabeth...." I heard panic laced in his voice. "What Liam?" I asked. I put the phone on speaker. "There's someone in here with me." He whispered obviously frightened. My eyes widened and Elijah's grip on the steering wheel tightened. "Liam, how do you know there is someone else in there?" Klaus asked into the phone from behind me. "H-he has gl-glowing r-red eyes." Liam studdered. Elijah stopped the car in the middle of the road harshly and we all jumped out of the car. We vampire sped to where Klaus and I's wolf senses told us where to go. Luckily it wasn't the abandoned hosptital, but it was some place none of us had ever been before.

Liam's POV

The red glowing eyes stared at me. "Who are you?" I asked. "The name's Dylan." He said. A light was turned on and I saw his green eyes. "But you can call me.. Wait.. you won't call me anything because you're gonna be dead." He said. His voice was old fashioned and welsh like Klaus's. He vampire sped to me. I tried to stab him in the heart with the dagger in my hand but failed as he used a power to make it float away. I grabbed another. "Gosh, how many of these do I have to go through?" He asked using his power again. I backed up and reached for another when I realized the one I just used was the last one I had. I'm hopeless. He walked closer.

Annabeth's POV

We vampire sped through the halls of a random mansion in search of Liam. The phone call never ended. We heard everything. Whoever this 'Dylan' person is, is going to try to kill Liam. We finally found him. Dylan snapped his neck before we could even think about moving. I screamed. Then After Liam's neck was snapped, Klaus snapped Dylan's neck causing him to pass out. Now Liam... He's in the transition of becoming a vampire because he died with Klaus's blood in his system... Elijah grabbed one of the dagger's from the ground and stabbed Dylan in the heart, killing him. Dylan's whole body turned grey before falling to the ground. I vampire sped over to Liam. "Oh my go- Oh no." I said. "Nonononononononononono." I said.


"Liam, what would you do if you became a vampire?" I asked him. "If I was a vampire, I wouldn't be able to live with myself." He said. "Really?" I asked. "Most likely. I don't want to become a vampire." He said.

Flashback over

"Nononononono." I said again holding him. "He's going to live Anna, he's going to be ok." Elijah said. "No, He wanted to grow old, have kids. Not die and become a vampire, now he has to stay the same age and he'll never have kids now." I said. "Don't you get it? He never wanted to become a vampire." I added with tears in my eyes. Klaus's face showed sorrow. Rebekah watched as I cried. Liam's eyes popped open and he gasped for air as he sat up. "That was fast." Rebekah said. Yeah, No one has woke up that fast after they've been turned. New record. I hugged him and he hugged back. His breathing slowly got back to normal as he hugged me. I cried onto his chest as Liam petted my hair trying to comfort me. Klaus watched and I think I saw the soft side of him come out. He looked away and waited till we were done. I let go of Liam and he let go of me. "Wait." Liam paused. "I-I died. I-I-I died. I d-died. H-How am I here if I d-died?" He stuttered badly. "You died with-" Liam cut Klaus off with heavily breathing. He was having a panic attack. "Whats happening?" Elijah asked. "He's having a panic attack." I explained quickly then got to work. I used one of my powers to calm him down.... but it didn't work. "What?" I asked myself. "Liam, breathe. Calm down. We'll help you." I rubbed his back and he calmed down. "My powers didn't work on you." I said. "What?" Liam asked even though he heard me. "What about compulsion?" Liam asked. "I don't know. Let's try it." I said. I stepped up and tested compulsion on Liam. "You'll slap yourself." I compelled. After 3 seconds Liam blinked 3 times. "It didn't work." Liam said. "Amazing. He's immune to any sort of mind control." Elijah said astonished. "Impossible." Klaus doubted. "You just saw for yourself." I told Klaus.

Liam's POV

I felt as if someone was tearing at my stomach from the inside. I hunched over and put my hands on my knees and looked at the ground. Elijah and Rebekah stared at me while Klaus and Annabeth were arguing. Now it feels like my lungs have closed up. I can't breathe. I stood up straight and I felt my eyes flicker from black to normal over and over again. I don't know whats happing to me. Elijah's mouth parted in confusion. He shifted has feet and looked at Rebekah. She looked terrified. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. Fear was evident in her eyes. Annabeth and Klaus stopped arguing when they saw Elijah and Rebekah's reaction. They turned around to see that their reaction was fear and confusion towards me. They saw my eyes flicker from black to normal and Annabeth flinched. Klaus stared. A sharp pain was in my chest. It was bad. In hunched over and screamed out in pain. The pain went to my head. I dropped to my knees and clutched my head as I screamed. Annabeth didn't know what to do. None of them did. Annabeth tried to help but Klaus held her back. The pain just stopped randomly and then my hands started shaking . Like, really bad shaking. I looked at my hands and then I felt something going through my body. I tossed my head back and gasped for air. Werewolf claws came out of my finger nails and vampire fangs came out. My eyes turned black. "Oh my gosh." Annabeth gasped. "Hybrid." Klaus said. I then fainted.

Klaus's POV

ANOTHER HYBRID? YES! Wait, black eyes? I wonder what that means..

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