Wrap it Up or Step Up

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Slim P.O.V.

"Chance Lamont Carson! Get down here NOW!" my mama screamed. "Yeah Mama, Here i come!" "Get your ass down here NOW!" i heard her gettin more mad. I get downstairs to her holdin my little bags of weed i had lost. Damn. "What is this doin in your pocket?" she held then out in my face. "I was holdin em for a friend ma." im so stupid. "You think im that stupid Chance?" i was hopin she wasnt gone slap my face clean off. "Im sorry ma. I'll never bring it back in yo house." i lied. Im so hardheaded. "Let this be the last time Chance Harris Carson." "Yes Ma'am." Twin was laughin @ me so i flicked him off. I went back to my room. Twin was standin in my door. "Aha, you was finna cry!" "No I wasnt ." "Aha you a pussy." "Fuck you, why she go thru my pockets anyway?" "Duh, dumbass, she still do our laundry." "Oh Yea." "See bro, you gotta be smart like me. Empty yo pockets before you take yo pants off." "Ight man."

Cj P.O.V.

Twin retarded. Moms be trippin. Anyways, i got a text from Bre, my off & on girl. Sometimes, ion even wanna be bothered w. her. I open the text that said:

Bre: "Cj, im pregnant...."

Me: "What you want me to do?"

Bre: "What you mean? I want you be supporting to me & the baby. Its yours. You the only person i EVER had sex with."

Me: "Naw, ion believe that. Get a abortion."

Bre: "You got the nerve to tell to get an abortion, this my body niqqa so dont think you finna force it. I knew this is how you'd act. Its typical. It figures tho. See i shoulda knew you was just another niqqa. No different from them otha niqqas who just be sayin they "love you" you to get up in them draws. & to think i let you hit it raw muthafucka. Now im pregnant you dont wanna get involved muthafucka, tryna take away a life, is you God muthafucka? Ion think so. This a new life up in my stomach. Regardless if im yo wife, this new life here ima love it. I aint budgin, i'll just do this by my muthafuckin self. See my mama raised me without no muthafuckin help from a man. But i still dont understand how you could say that. Did you forget all them convo's that we had way back? About your father & you tell me that you hate that niqqa. How he a coward & you so glad that you aint that niqqa. Cause he left yo mama when she had you & he aint shit & here you go doin the same shit. You aint shit niqqa.

Cj: "Well do what you gotta do Bre."

(End of convo)

Damn, she do got a point. I just aint ready to be a daddy. Man idk, i just need time.

Bre P.O.V.

Hi. Im Bre. Cj's Baby Mama. I cant believe this niqqa had the nerve to tell me to kill our baby. Ion believe in abortion. That shit is murder. Who would even think about that? Its ok tho. Me & their mom have a close relationship. Lets see what she has to say about this. I call her:

Me: "Hey, Ms. Carson. How you doin?"

Ms.Carson: "Hey honey, im good, how are you?"

Me: "Good. Are you busy right now?"

Ms. Carson: "Nope, why?"

Me: "I was just wondering if you would like to go eat eat lunch somwhere?"

Ms.Carson: "Sure honey."

Me: "Okay i will pick you up @ 2:00 & i have some good & bad news."

Ms.Carson: "Ok"

(Convo Ended)

Ms. Carson P.O.V.

Hey. Im the twins' mom, Mariah. I love my boys to death. They're my world. They just hard-headed as hell. Just cause im white, dont mean i aint hip to the game. I know everything. Im 36. I had the boys when i was 17. I was really young. Their dad didnt want anything to do w. me or them. Then when i was 8 months pregnant he came back tryna be w. me. We were together on & off.until the boys were 11. They cant stand him. I cant either.He cheated on me more times than i can count. Aint no tellin where he is or how he doin now. We dont even care. He's done me so dirty. Anyways, i look real good to be 36 tho. I always get told i kinda look like JLo in the face & i got a bad ass body lol. I do what i can. Dont flatter me! Anyways, i wonder what Bre gotta tell me. I consider her my daughter. Her & Cj been on & off since 8th grade. & their out of school. Thats a long time. I love her to death. Well i got a hour to get ready for lunch w. Bre. I think im gonna where my teal & black body con tight dress w. the crossed back out & my new black wedges. Im finna get in the shower & get dressed. Bye loves.


Bre's P.o.V.

"Oh my god, Ms. Carson. I aint been over in a while i missed you!" i say huggin her as we sat @ our table. "Gir, i know. & i always tell you to call me mom Bre!" she said. "I know but callin you Ms. Carson is a habit." "Ohh its okay boo, & lets catch up. How's everything?" she asked. "Everything's fine, i just got accepted into Kansas U." "Omg honey thats great, smart ass!" " But i have good & bad news tho." she raised an eyebrow @ me. "Girl you better go, or ima kick yo ass!" she said. "I strongly plan on goin ma, but...." she had that, "wtf you meanin?" face on. "But what Bre? Dont let nobody set you back baby!" "I know but.." "Spill it Bre!" she screamed. "Im pregnant by Cj." She gave me a blank expression. "Omg, you havin my grandchild, damn this good! Whats the bad news?!" she was ready to choke it outta me. Hell she should've, i couldn't get the words out. So i handed her my phone to read the messages between me & Cj. Her eyes got wide as fuck. "Oh hell no! I raised Cj better than this. When i get home, he got an ass whoopin comin to that ass.. Im sorry about my dumbass son. I promise Bre, imma make sure he is being a father for my grandbaby. So how you gone do both?" she asked sippin her margarita. "Both what?" "College & a baby?" i thought. Like damn, this is gonna be hard. "Not going wouldnt be an option. Maybe i could go until i get too far along & then do the rest online IF its possible." "Well, you know honey, not all colleges allow that. Some are cut throat & strict. Idk Bre you gotta decide soon. & im glad you wont even think about abortion, this shit is sick. & girl from the looks of them messages, you gotta mouth on you!" she laughed. "I know mama, i gotta decide soon." This shit is gone break me.

Ms. Carson P.O.V.

Im On my way home from lunch w. Bre. I cant believe Cj.

"Caleb Lavar Carson! Down here, Now!" haha, i be runnin shit!

"Wtf is up w. you tryna get Bre to abort your child? I raised you better than that! Do you have any idea how difficult it is to carry, have , & raise a child? I carried, had, & raised 2 @ the sane damn time on my own. Whats goin thru your head. Haven't you learned from seeing your dad? & how much you hate him & how he's a dead beat? How you gone say your dad is a bitch but you wanna be just like him? You're gonna step up & be a father, & take care of this child. Dont think life is still finna be all fun & games & partyin now because you got priorities son, so get ready to grow up & be the best father you can be. You gone have to except the fact that you're finna be a father. Now, call Bre & apologize. Im not sayin yall have to be together. But yall do have to co-parent & raise this child. It would be better for you guys to be together. But w/e it takes to give this baby the best parents ever. Now, no ifs, ands, or buts!! If you wasn't ready, you shoulda wrap it up. I told your ass about not usin condoms, now thats what you get." i just spoke the truth to him. Yassssss! "You lucky i aint gone beat yo ass! I should but i just talked you too death." i said. "Okay ma, no doubt." Okay ma my ass!! He better count his blessings.

Cj P.O.V.

Damn. Shit get around fast. I knew she was gone find out somehow cause her & Bre too close. Dont get me wrong. I love Bre too death. Im just not ready to be a father. I kinda always wanted a mini me. I guess havin a kid aint gone be that bad. Im finna call Bre:

Bre: "What?"

Me: " Im sorry ma. Look, earlier i was trippin. I wanna work. I want...us..to work. I wanna be with you for as long as i live & i wanna raise our child together. I gotchu ma, forgive me?" Damn. Somethin just took over my body. It felt weird but good.

Bre: "Really Cj? So you willing to be w. me & your seed?"

Me: "Yea ma. We wouldn't be a family w/o eachother right?"

Bre: "I love you boy." i could here the smile on her face.

Me: "I love you too. Goodnight & tell my mini me i said goodnight too."

Bre: "Goodnight baby."

(Convo Ended)

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