7 People in the World Look like you

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Ok, you know how they say that seven people in the world look like you?

Here's my theory on that: Mosquitos.

Yes I know it sounds stupid when you just read it like that, but let me explain.

Ok, what does a mosquito do?

-It sucks your blood.

your DNA!

Ok, Now, what if mosquitos aren't even a part of nature but tiny little robots made by the government?

Still confused? Let me explain.

When a so called "Mosquito" sucks your blood, it travels to a secret lab from the government. There, private scientists, take your DNA and clone you like 6 or 7 times but each clone has something different: like hair color, eyes, thinner, fatter, etc. Those clones look like us, but the scientists change one thing about them to make them look slightly different.

Get it now?

If you don't, leave me a comment or a pm and I'll make sure to explain it to you!

So that my theory on why at least 7 other people in the world look like you.

What's yours?

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