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Eleanor had her baby. It was a girl. Her name was Orla Tomlinson.


Jade was pregnant again she was due in May/April. Me and Zayn always talked about having child..... but we don't know when to have one. "Perrie,

When can we have a child?" Zayn said. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie. "Zayn.... I don't know" I said. "Soon?"Zayn asked. I pressed my lips together. "9 months!" I said. "Perrie!" Zayn said. "Just think about it! 9 months you and I will be holding a baby!" I said. "Oh!!" Zayn said. He carried me down to the bedroom.

~The Next Morning~

I woke up puking. I took a pregnancy test. 2 bars.....

I was pregnant!!

I ran into our room. Zayn was still asleep. I shaked him. "What?" Zayn said. "I'm PREGNANT!!!!" I shouted. Zayn quickly stood up. He hugged me. "We are going to have a baby!" Zayn said. Zayn was jumping up and down. I laughed. We called the family, the girls and the boys to come over.

"Me and Zayn are going to be parents!" I said. "Godparents!?" My dad said. "I'm pregnant!" I said. Everyone was smiling. Dad wasn't. He was just looking at Zayn. Dad pulled Zayn away into a different room.

*Zayns Pov*

"Why the FUCK did you get Perrie pregnant?!?" Alex (Perrie's Dad) shouted at me. "We wanted a family" I said. "So are you just gonna knock her up and leave?" He said. He always taught I was a bad boy. I was... But Perrie see's the good in me... She brings out my soft side!. "NO! I LOVE PERRIE! WE ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE A FAMILY IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!" I shouted. I stormed out of the room.

*Perries Pov*

Zayn came out looking angry. "You ok babe?" I asked. "Yeh just angry!" Zayn said. I pulled Zayn into our bedroom. "What did my dad say?" I asked. Zayn told me. "Zayn, you can't tell my dad that Zayn!" I said. "I'm sorry Perrie! He just thinks there only a bad side in me, it's been gone since I met you, you bring the good out it me!" Zayn said. I kissed him. I giggled.

~Management Office~

We are going to to the managements office today. We walked in hand and hand. "Hello, what is wrong?" Simon said. "Nothing is wrong we just have some news!" Zayn said. "I'm pregnant!" I said. "Ok" Simon said. "Are we allowed keep it?" I asked. "Sure why not?" Simon said.

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