Chapter One

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 AUTHOR'S NOTE: There is some Old English used in this chapter and it is defined at the end of the chapter. Enjoy! ;D

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~Chapter One~

The Maiden


The voice teased. All she could see was darkness as she shifted through. Evemina's eyes squinted, desperately searching for the owner of the voice.

Mi- na. Mi-na. Mi-na.

The voice sounded so familiar as it sing-songily teased her. It was the voice that had been haunting her for many years now... in her dreams exclusively. The voice than chuckled heartedly that brought a tingle of joy through her being. She knew this voice.

The laughter echoed in her mind and into her heart.


The young maid woke up in a start. Her emerald eyes darted back and forth to either side of the room, than spotting a flustered fellow maid staring at the startled Evemina in her disheveled bed. The maid who woke her up stood at her bedside with a pair of scolding blue eyes. Her arms folded against her chest, sending the awoken maiden a true look of disapproval.

"Fifteen years I have known you and I am the one to wake you every single morning, Evemina. I should not have to wake you but as a good person I do so. Now get ready for God's sake, child."

Evemina bashfully smiled, "I'm sorry, Granny." The maiden of twenty hurried out of her bed to a pile of clean clothes she had folded the night before. Her long black hair cascaded down to her hips and with every step the hair softly flowed behind her.

Granny watched the maiden with admiration. Evemina had grown into a beautiful woman with feminine curves from just being a scrawny dirty child. Her hair, black as ebony, and her eyes green as shimmering emeralds under the sun. Her skin as smooth as marble and clear of blemishes. Her lips looked as if they were stained light pink from a kiss of a pale pink rose. Her heart-shaped face gave Evemina a beauty unimaginable to any unless they see her. Granny is an older maid of sixty years as seen in her stark white hair. For her to see such loveliness in one person was astonishing.

Through her awe, the older maid kept her stern facade. "Sorry does not cut it, young miss. You are of age to wake up at the proper time."

The maiden stepped out from behind the screen after changing to a work dress, her eyes glanced over to Granny. "I know, but... the vo-"

"Yes yes the voice. You hear it in your dreams and it has haunted you for some time. You do know you say this every morning."

Evemina blushed, "I just..." The maiden's eyes gazed over to the bare window with such sadness in her eyes. Granny had a hard time swallowing down a lump in her throat seeing this despair in such beauty.No one so beautiful should ever look so forlorn. The strange part of this matter was that she never saw Evemina react in this way before, "I know that voice, but... I can not put the voice to a face."

Granny's face crumbled from her scowling frown to sympathy. "Eve... "

Evemina glanced over to the old maid, immediately the sadness washed away. A forced smile took control of the woman's face, "Lets go tend the household. Broom do not sweep by themselves."

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