Kiwis Are Evil

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Hello you patient people who actually read this XD Hope you like this chappie! And oh yeah! It's almost summer break! Be happy for me and other students XD


       Once upon a time... Dilara, a rather young teenager got a snack and it was kiwis. Her friend Garnett didn't like kiwis... He said they were too acidic for him.

Dilara sat down to enjoy the snack but noticed that the kiwi had something on it. She then got up and threw it away. Then she sat next to Garnett who indeed was watching her (Let's just say.... Garnett is a messed up dude...) Dilara didn't know the consequences of throwing away a kiwi... But that night she would find out....

At night when she was about to go to bed she heard a strange noise. It was a creepy voice saying, "kiwiiiii". Dilara quickly took out the conveniently placed bazooka under her bed. Then she went outside and then she went toward that creepy-sounding-like-a-pedophile sound.... It led her to the classroom. She didn't go in right away.... She needed backup.

Dilara thought about a worthy partner and dialed the number. It was Garnett of course. After all he did say he hated kiwi. On the phone Garnett asked, "Wassup smexy?" Dilara sighed and told him what was up. And Garnett agreed to come. Dilara was pretty sure he didn't believe her but he wanted to "be alone" with her to do some messed up s@#^...

As Dilara hung up she could of sworn she heard screaming for help on the phone... Garnett happened to have a machine gun and he came in like a boss. Dilara asked why he's got a machine gun... Garrnet said,"You really don't wanna know"... And guess what my dear reader? You really don't.

Dilara got in position to own the kiwi and told Garnett to do the same. Garnett thought mental people were hot so he did the same. They charged in the classroom only to find a tiny kiwi... DIlara and Garnett could of just simply stepped on him... But NO! They had to make the ending EPIC!!!

Dilara and Garnett fired unnecessary millions of bullets making a huge BANG! The kiwi was totally obliterated! And the bang caused neighbors to get suspicious and call the cops... And so Dilara and Garnett went to the mental institution. Cause they really were mentally insane. I mean... Who would actually believe in legit talking kiwis? And we all know Garnett is f@#*ing insane.


Although it's short I hope you liked it :)

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