Luke's p.o.v.

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*Luke's p.o.v.* 

I walked inside my house and shut the door, before running up to my room. There on my bed was a box. As i opened the small box i noticed a book and a letter. I pulled out the letter and read it.


I am truly sorry for everything. I really am. But you need to know, you need to know the truth. Please read the journal. It has less than fifty entries and they're all pretty short and stupid, but i need you to know. I'm sorry. 

Michael x  

I gently pulled out the journal, its pages sealed by a piece of black ribbon, and i pulled the tie free, opening the book and began reading. 

By the time i finished day fifty, i dropped the book and ran. I ran as fast as i could. He couldn't. He couldn't do this. Not my Michael. 

As i reached his house i noticed his parents weren't home so i raced inside and up the stairs, collapsing as soon as i walked into the bathroom. 

I bent down on two knees, cradling the boy who held my heart in my arms, the boy who was my everything. 

"please don't go" i mumbled, the tears slowly rolling down my face. I pulled out my phone and dialed 999 trying not to cry as i spoke to the lady. 

I sat there for a few minutes, the ticking of the clock seeming to go slower. I lowered my face to his and placed a small kiss on his forehead, the tears trickling down my face.

"I'm sorry Mikey. I should have told you. You can't do this. I need you, you're the only one who can save me. I shouldn't have gone with Sarah. But they were joking around, they said i was gay that i was stupid, that i had to find a girl to prove i was normal. I couldn't let them find out how i felt about you. I couldn't let them see i was dying for you to be in my arms. I had to carry it on. I couldn't let my guard down. But i wanted to be in with you." My confession rolled out of me even if he wasn't listening. 

"I started thinking to myself that maybe if i took myself away, i wouldn't feel the same, i could stop myself from liking you, and i knew you liked me too. I thought if you hated me then maybe you wouldn't be hurt by me, since i was such a horrible person, i would have been no good for you. I thought you'd gotten better Mikey, that's why i said what i did, i wanted you to hate me so you could find some one who would be good for you. I didn't know you were still broken."

I choked as the tears streamed down my face, my vision going blurry. "Michael i need you. I need you baby, like i've needed you every day of my life, like a fish needs water, like the earth needs the sun. I just fucking need you." I leant back, my head touching the cold surface of the basin and i let the tears fall, my whole body shaking as i lay there waiting for an ambulance to rescue my everything.

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