Chapter 7

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A/N- as promised here's another chapter, there will be no authors note at the end.


Chapter 7
Kate sat in the booth of the small café waiting for her fathers arrival. She was nearing the five month mark and she was just now able to get with her father. Gates had chained her to her desk, and the news got out to the boys and Lainey. They were happy for her, but swore that when they saw josh next, they'd rip his head off. Kate was scared of how her father would react. Since that night on the couch, Kate and Ricks love had grown, she had moved into the loft. Yes, a big step, but it was a good one. It had been hard telling Alexis, but she was very understanding and happy she could call the baby her 'sibling,' though he or she really wasn't. Kate was pulled from her thoughts when she felt familiar hands touch her arm.

"Katie!" Kate smiled up at her dad and stood up, well aware he could see her bump. After they released, Jim placed his hands on hates shoulder leaning back. "My god, Katie bug. Your pregnant." Jim breathed, his face drained, sad Kate hadn't told him sooner. She softly touched his face bringing him back.

"I know dad, sit, please?" He did and they ordered what they wanted before Kate continued. "This is a long and very confusing story, dad. So just listen?" Jim nodded, pushing her on. "First off, I'm pregnant, as you know, and I'm with Castle, I actually live with him now."

Jim just starred at her, "so he's the father? And you decided to just jump into a relationship? What about that doctor motorcycle boy, um josh?" Kate shook her head, even her dad called him doctor motorcycle boy.

"Dad listen. Rick isn't the father, Infact, josh is. But he left." Kate breathed out, sucking her tears back in. Jim's face went narrow, unpleased.

"So he left you?"

Kate nodded, "I tried to tell him, but every time I tried, he would change the subject. He went to Africa to save lives. He'll be gone for 4 months, and he doesn't know I, carrying his baby." Jim nodded, encouraging her to continue. "We broke up, and I was a mess, so I called castle and he came over. He was so sweet, dad, and carrying. He's been to all my appointments and we even started the nursery. It's crazy, he's not even the father, but he's acting like it, he'll we haven't even had sex!" Jim smiled at his daughter as she continued. "It's crazy I know, but I love him dad, and he loves me and this baby more than ever and he wants to be apart of this, even if this baby isn't genetically his."

"I get it, Katie. And he's a wonderful man I believe he will be an excellent father, and you'll be an amazing mother. Just like your mom." Kate went cold. Her mom. She was going to miss out in all of this. Kate suddenly felt she couldn't do this, not with out her mom. A tear slipped from her eye, and Jim wiped it away. "I know you miss her sweetie, and I do to, but she's always with you, you know that. And as much as this situation sucks, it seems to me you've made the best of it." Kate nodded and took a deep breath. "So is my grand baby a boy or a girl?"

Kate shrugged, "castle and I will find out at my next appointment, it's next week." They finished up their gathering and walked out together, giving each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek before parting ways.

Kate sighed in relief when she unlocked the door to the loft. Glad that her meeting with her dad went well. "Hey, babe, I'm home." Kate called and Rick didn't answer. Figuring he was writing p, she made her way to his office and stopped in the doorway. She smiled at the sight, his feet on his desk, laptop on his lap and his head drooping, arms crossed. He was out. Kate went over to him and kissed him lightly.

"Wake up baby." He started to regain awareness and smiled at her.

"Hey, how was your dinner with your dad?" Rick set his laptop down and put his feet on the floor and pulled Kate into his lap. "

Great, better than I expected. He's really happy for me, but upset about the josh part, but he's glad your here for me. He says that we'll be good parents." Rick smiled and kissed her.

"You'll he an excellent mother."

Kate smiled and kissed him again, "draw me a bath?" She asked hopefully, "sure, music?"

Kate nodded and thought for a moment then blurted out, "join me?"

He smiled at her and kissed her softly, "absolutely."

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