Chapter 7

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Chad's POV

Lorianne and I made our way out of to the school and into to the car , she seemed shaken up about everything that happened , I wanted to ask her how she got her bruise and who did it to her so I could beat the shit out of them , but I couldn't bring myself to do it . not now at least .

within 10 minutes the medication she got had done it's job and she was asleep , making the rest of the car ride silent , I looked at her for a brief moment , she looked so peaceful in her sleep her short black hair was perfectly combed , not one hair was out of place and she made the cutest pouting face in her sleep .

I pulled up in front of the house and I didn't want to wake her up so I had to check her pockets for her house key , I found them in the front pocket of her denim jeans

I ran up to the door and as soon as I got it unlocked I hurried back to the car and I carried her out lnto the house , I carried her all the way upstairs and into a room I assumed was hers , well it was obvious that it was hers I bet her parents wouldn't have one direction posters all over their walls .

I put her on the bed and tucked her into the blankets , I definitely couldn't leave her alone but I was a bit tired and hung over from last night so decided to head down to the kitchen and get myself a cup of coffee to keep me awake till her mom or dad or someone comes .

I headed down to the kitchen and I noticed a note that I assume her mother left . and it said

hey lorri bear , sorry for not being there this morning , I've been a bit busy I stopped by the house about an hour after you left ... I won't be home till tomorrow and your father is out of town but he wants to have a talk with you when he gets back

I love you xoxo

well then seeing that her mom won't be back until tomorrow and her das is out of town , I might as well make myself comfortable , I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed upstairs ...

I finished drinking my coffee and I had taken the cup downstairs to wash it , I headed back upstairs and I sat down on her bed , I looked around and familiarised myself with my surroundings mostly one direction posters a few other bands .

my eyes slowly made their way to her , she was sleeping peacefully with her hair covering her face and her lips slightly parted

I laid down beside her and soon darkness took over

Lorianne POV

I felt something or someone pulling me tightly against them and within a second my eyes shot open

I let out a penatrating scream and I sprang up , so did the person beside me , I looked over at the person beside me and it was Chad he sat up and rubbed his eyes

" well it's nice to see you too " he said in a sexy sleepy tone

" I-I'm sorry , I didn't know y-you were here " I stuttered

" it's okay , so how's the uhm bruise " he said gesturing to my bruised cheek wich I forgot about

" it's okay "

" you know sooner or later you have to tell me what happened right ? "

I just sat there searching for words to say

"I'm-I can't "

" it's okay I'll give you time , but I hope this doesn't happen again " he reprimanded

he looked at his phone and cursed under his breath

" I have to go ... I'll pick you up for school tomorrow , I'm not taking no for an answer "

I nodded and he left my room within the next couple of seconds

I heard his car start and I got out of my bed and stared out the window and watched his car pull out of the drive way

I had so many questions to ask him about what he was doing in my house and how he got my key but I knew better than to ask him all that after he practically helped me out so much today

I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower I turned on the hot water and I let my mind relax as I just stood there emotionless

I got out of the shower and got into my pajamas and went back to sleep .

author's note

this chapter isn't edited so I hope there are no huge mistakes

I know it sucks but I promise I'll try and make it more interesting .

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