Chapter Two - Deal

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 The inside of the house was just as beautiful and impressive as the outside. I looked around the enormous front room taking it all in. It was tastefully furnished. The light color scheme added brightness to the room, not that the rooms needed extra light the huge windows provided enough. Harry guided me through the house, briefly explaining the purpose of each room. I had to admit he was way better at it than I was. But I guess its easier to talk about you're own house. We were upstairs, walking along a corridor looking into every room on the way when he randomly decided to skip a few rooms. I stopped walking and raised my eyebrow.

"Why did you skip those rooms"I asked shyly.

"Well they don't belong to me" He answered. I looked at him a little confused because I toughed he lived alone.

"Who do they belong to ?"I questioned.

"Liam" he said shortly and started walking again. I followed him.

"But I thought Liam and the rest of the guys moved back to England" I looked at him waiting for an answer.

"yeah they did but Liam wants to come back here actually" Harry explained. And stopped at another door.

"Well this is my room" He said opening the door slowly. I don't know why but I expected his room to be messy. The rest of the house was exceptionally tidy so I shouldn't be surprised to find his room in the same state. His room was quite big but not as big as all the other room he showed me. It was different to the rest of the house. It looked very homely. Not a bedroom you'd expect to find in a modern mansion like this one. It was a typical bedroom nothing spectacular, no high ceilings, chandeliers, luxurious furniture. It looked normal. I walked in after him, hesitantly. He sat on his bed and patted the space next to him. I sat down making sure to keep my distance from him.

"This is my safe place, somewhere I can be completely myself and not be afraid of someone seeing me and judging me " he said rubbing the back of his neck. I nodded still looking around. I really liked it here. It made me feel comfortable, less tense. He looked at me and smiled.

"So what do you think?" he asked for my opinion.

"I like it, a lot actually" I admitted honestly even though I knew he didn't really care what I though. He smiled even wider pleased with my answer. We sat in silence for a minute just looking around the room. Then he turned to me with that strange smirk on his face. The same one I saw in the car. What is he getting up to?

" Well look just hear me out ok don't get mad straight away and slap me again please " he said making me very confused. I nodded.

"Okay look, you said you can't afford college right? " he asked. I wondered where the hell he is going with that.

" Well I can afford it" he bragged. I rolled my eyes. Is that what it's about to bring me down by bragging how rich he is.

"I know that"I snapped glaring at him.

"Shh let me finish please. Well I can afford to pay for your college and I'm willing to do it" he told me. Okay that was interesting but I knew he's not doing this just to be nice I was sure he will want something in return. But I had nothing to give him.

" but? "I said cautiously , squinting my eyes.

" but you have to meet one condition" he stated. I sighed. I knew it.

"Yeah?" I raised my eyebrow.

"I want you to be my friend" he said. I looked at him amused. Really all he wanted from me was to be his friend. It sounded impossible and surly enough I was right it was impossible.

" With benefits" he added looking at me seriously. I was stunned.

"Really? You are being serious? Who do you think I am?" I shouted, tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe he thought I would go for something like this. But the truth was I was very tempted to agree. I needed college and I really wasn't the brightest person and I couldn't be sure if I'll get to college even when I studied all the time so his offer was very tempting.

"Look I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings okay. You don't have to agree it was just an offer" he said standing up suddenly. I though about it. I could do it . It wouldn't be that bad right? He was very attractive after all. Maybe I could even enjoy it. Then I made up my mind.

"Ok I'll do it " I whispered so low I wasn't sure he heard me. But his eyes snapped to me so he must have heard me.

"You will?"he asked surprised like he didn't believe I just agreed to it.

"Yeah but only if you pay for Rachel's college too" I stated. Deep inside I was hoping he'll refuse. But he looked at me for a moment and then nodded.

"alright" he said and smirked at me. I looked down, refusing to meet his gaze. I didn't want to think about what I just gotten myself into. Suddenly I felt his arms wrap around me.

"come on its not gonna be bad. I promise" he said tilting my head up to look at him.

"But first we need some rules" he added.

"Yeah... umm ok" I nodded looking into his beautiful green eyes.

"Ok so first of all no falling in love. We are friends only no feelings attached strictly pleasure yeah?" he asked making sure I understand. I nodded.

"Second of all nobody can find out. Not even Rachel got it?" he demanded.

"Mhm" I agreed.

"And lastly ... no jealousy. Its an open relationship so we are free to do whatever we want. If any of those rules get broken the deal is over" he explained. I nodded once again just staying silent. He smiled a bright smile, his adorable dimples showing. I smiled back weakly.

"Come on cheer up it's going to be great" he grinned leaning in. He kissed my forehead, moving down to my cheek then jaw line then finally planting a kiss on my lips. I had to admit it felt good. I liked the feeling of his lips on mine and he tasted like raspberries.

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