Ninjas and shit

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"AAHH!" I screamed as a gunshot went right by my left cheek, taking a strand of my hair.

I stood under the arch leading to the backyard with the others. In front of us were two persons dressed in all black with masks. The one on the right was the one with the gun that shot at me. The other stayed in the background blocking the door and holding a gun of his own.

"Shit," Juediel cursed

Ok... so I bet you're wondering how the heck we are now in this life or death situation. Well... so I was chasing them with the intent to strangle. And Emily ran off back into the house. The others followed so I went after them. I saw them just standing at the arc as if in shock. I ran up and made my way through to see what they were looking at. That's when the gun went off.

I found myself stuck. I wanted to move. To run. But I couldn't I was stuck. I managed to glance at others and what I saw shocked me. Fear, Horror those weren't expressions that were visible on my friends' faces. No. They were anything but. In fact they almost seemed.... ready, prepared.... even.... excited? 

No way.

"Emily, Leanne take Mickeyy to the safe room. The guys and I will handle business here," Juediel said while cracking his neck.

"H-handle things? " I blurted out, "Have you gone mad!??"

"Come on," Emily said while taking my hand.

Leanne took the other and they ran down a hallway. Before we got out of range I heard Colton say,

"It's been a while since we saw them, "

They knew those people? ?

We ran and then entered a room. It looked like a study. Leanne went over to a statue on a desk and lifted it up. There, there was a button.  She pressed it and the floor beneath my feet began to move. I jumped out of the way and a pathway leading down was revealed. Leanne ran over and went down first. I looked at Emily more confused than ever.

"I'll explain, just hurry up and get down there,"

I was frozen. Then there was a huge bang on the door. I squealed and jumped.  Suddenly I wasn't so frozen anymore.  I ran down the steps of the pathway and Emily followed behind me.

It was really dark and I could hardly see the steps. I slipped on the final step and shivered as my bottom touched the cold hard ground.

"Get up!" Leanne whispered harshly to me.

I obeyed and realized we were at a large steel door, Leanne bent down slightly and spoke into a speaker...

"Agent Wilson ID number 001375,"

The large steel door opened letting out a bit of steam.

"Come on," Emily hurried me on through the door as we heard an explosion up the stairs

I followed Leanne through the door and we entered A square metal room. 

"What the bloody hell is going on?!"  I shouted wishing someone would explain why my hopefully-soon-to-be boyfriend is upstairs playing ninja... with two ninjas!

Emily turned to face me after the door closed.

"Look... I'm sorry. I really didn't mean for you to get involved.. I really didn't. If...If you never talk to me again.. move.. I understand you know?" She looked at me sadly. It almost hurt. To see those big eyes look at me like a puppy dog... but I didn't let her eyes calm my panic.

Leanne groaned and I looked at her. She glared and rolled her eyes at me.

'We are agents," She began, "Agents for a certain organization. We're higher than the FBI, CIA, Interpol all of that. We're the law above the law. We deal with the serious crimes, we handle what normal people can't and it gets a bit annoying to be frank,"

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