Chapter 1: Meeting the Family

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This is my first Fan Fiction. Hope you enjoy.

ZacEfronLover101 ;) :D :P

The Young Family is fairly small made up of 4 people - Mr. & Mrs. Young, Sabrina and Jennifer. They are one of the riches families on their street, they live in a mansion with 4 floors everyone has their own bedroom and an ensuite. Sabrina and Jennifer are best friends Sabrina is Jennifer's older sister, they do everything together they would not be able to live apart...or would they.

Mr. & Mrs. Young are part of the world's richest companies. Mr. Young is lawyer in a successful firm. Mrs. Young is the Prime Minister of Canada.

Sabrina is in her first year of collage so that would mean she is 19 and Jennifer is in her last year of High School at St. Joseph's Collage she is 18 years old and graduating on June 20th.

They have completely different personalities and celebrities they like. Jennifer loves Zac Efron and is not afraid to speak her mind and is out going. Meanwhile Sabrina loves One Direction and is shyer and always does what she is told. As they say "opposites attract" like Jennifer and Sabrina.

So as you read on you will see how the pieces fall and how the family turns out.


How do you like the Young Family??? Do you think there is going to be some fights going on between Sabrina and Jennifer. Always Vote/Comment. Follow you like my book.

ZacEfronLover101 ;) :D :P

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