Chapter 5: Hour

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Blackbird's P.O.V.

It felt so nice to run my fingers over my slick mask. I loved that mask like it were a child. Ridiculous, I know. But it was important to me. In a way, it was a piece of me. Without my mask, it was as if I had no face. Yet I suppose it'd be better to have no face than two faces.

I slipped under the sheet and relaxed my throbbing head on my pillow. It cushioned it perfectly, and my back sank into the mattress. It felt good that Megatron had the heart—or spark, as they called it— to give me an actual bed, and not the hard, cold floor.

Someone knocked. Yet I didn't want to open it. If it were Soundwave, I didn't want to see his faceless face staring at me. It sent waves of fear and disgust through my mind. If it were Predaking, I definitely didn't want to speak to him. The way he looked at me as we flew back was . . . unnatural. He looked like he wanted to eat me then spit out my bones. Did Cybertronians eat humans? There was a wide possibility.

"Open the door," a man's deep voice said from the other side.

"I don't think I want to," I replied, sitting up, my back against the pillow.

"Blackbird," Predaking's voice said. What was it? British, possibly? It was a lovely voice to listen to, I'd admit, but not lovely enough to make me want to let him in.

"Please... ?" He asked. It sounded as though he choked on the word.

I paused. "It was open the entire time."

He walked in, clearly not looking too amused. If it was open the whole time, he could've just come in and given her the news. He knew he should've tried it before he knocked.

"Lord Megatron was pleased with our performance," he informed me. "Even though the Autobots stormed it... But it was still good, because we got what was needed."

"That's great!" I said dramatically. The complete truth was I didn't actually care. They weren't good people, and that was an obvious statement. I crossed me arms and scowled, but I seriously doubted he could see it since the mask got in the way.

"Despite Megatron needing you, I could still squash you," Predaking said. "You're being rude, even if you are a biomorphic anarchist."

"I'm human!" Blackbird growled. "I swear to God!... I have flesh, a brain, and everything needed to be human."

"Rats, birds, and foxes have flesh and a brain," Predaking said. "Doesn't make them human."

"I bleed when I fall, and that's what matters. I'll always be bleeding, and that proves I am human." I said, laying down and pulling the cloak I wore over my face. "Good night, friend."

Suddenly, two clawed digits hoisted me into the air and Predaking held me in his hand as we walked out the door. Instinct made my arm transform in the gun, and I pointed it at his face.

"I need some sleep!" I said, pressing it against his cheek. It wasn't very intimidating, but I had to give it a shot. "Unhand me, friend."

"No." He said, using a digit to push my gun down and he looked at me. "Lord Megatron needs us."

"Well we don't need him," I huffed, crossing my arms and turning my back on his face. I couldn't actually turn my back on him, since I was cooped up in his fist.

I sighed. I didn't want to know what Megatron wanted. Why should even I care? The answer to that was of course 'no'. But perhaps this would be the hour I did care. What was going to possibly happen?

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