John singing
Sherlock singing
Both singing
(~)- acting
*- talking


How could he have done this,
How could he leave me alone?
Was it simply selfish
Or was there some reason unknown?

For two long years
I've searched for signs
That he was still alive

But now it's clearly over,
Goodbye my old friend goodbye...

*Shame they couldn't have afforded a better grave...*
(John punches Sherlock in the face)

I'm sorry John I couldn't let you know
I had to know you'd brought my little show

You had to believe me dead
You needed to see me smash my head

It had to be done
Couldn't just run
And kind of was fun

*Fun? I buried you!*

I needed help to keep my profile low
Am I the only one that didn't know
But all this time I wished I could come home
I swear to God I'll kill you Sherlock Holmes!

I did what I had to do
You couldn't have dropped a line or two

Well now that I'm back
Help me unpack
Why are you back?

Watson, I've realised I need you
Come, let's get out there one more time
Trust me, I think that I complete you
Now let's solve some crimes...

The game is on there're mysteries too crack
I'm honestly really glad you're back
The hunts begun there're criminals to track
Now let's go stop a terrorist attack!

Let's do what we both do best
Together we'll best most any test.

Together again
Welcome back friend

All that we've got
Ready or not

Watson the game,
Sherlock the game,

IS ON!!!

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